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rcshell.vim : syntax highlight file for the rc shell scripting language

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Jakukyo Friel
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This is a syntax file for the rc shell scripting language.  

## Compatibility

For unix (not plan9) users, there are two slightly different rc available.
One is [plan9port][plan9port] and [9base][9base]'s version
and the other is Byron Rakitzis'
(as packaged by Debian and other *nix software distribution).

This syntax file is compatible with both versions.

[plan9port]: https://github.com/9fans/plan9port
[9base]: http://tools.suckless.org/9base

## Repository

- **Repository:** http://github.com/weakish/rcshell.vim
- **Issue tracker:** https://github.com/weakish/rcshell.vim/issues

## Credit

This is based on [Andy Spencer][andy]'s work for the plan9 rc shell.
There is a minor trade off for maintain compatibility with two versions of rc mentioned above:
less powerful `(ba)sh like substitution` syntax error detection.

[andy]: https://github.com/Andy753421

## Tips

This is not related to syntax directly, but I think users who codes rc shell script in Vim may have interests.

If you want to use `rc` as the embedded shell in vim,
add the following lines to your .vimrc:

set shell=/usr/bin/rc\ -l
"  or /bin/rc or /usr/local/bin/rc or /opt/local /bin/rc, etc
set shellcmdflag=-c
set shellpipe=>[2=1]\|\ tee
set shellredir=>%s\ >[2=1]
install details
Download the tarball here and do this:

cd ~/.vim
tar --strip=1 -zxf path/to/master.tar.gz

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
rcshell.vim-0.2.0.tar.gz 0.2.0 2014-12-28 7.0 Jakukyo Friel - Detect rc shell via shebang.
- Provide a way to disable this syntax file.
0.1.1.tar.gz 0.1.1 2014-12-17 5.7 Jakukyo Friel Rename rc.vim to rcshell.vim. Fix a bug that rcshell.vim detect will be overridden by M$ resource type.
rc.vim 20091226 2009-12-26 7.0 Jakukyo Friel Adjust rcHereDoc pattern to get <<EOF >output highlighted correctly.
rc.vim 20091204 2009-12-04 5.7 Jakukyo Friel I suggest all users to replace the old version. The old version is my poorly-reinvented wheel.  This new version is based on Andy Spencer's work.  Andy Spencer's syntax file is for p9p's rc and I made some minor changes to make it compatible with Byron Rakitzis' reimplementation too.
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