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mib_translator : Translate SNMP OIDs from within Vim

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Caglar Toklu
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Translates SNMP OIDs within Vim using Net-SNMP's snmptranslate command.
It can display the OID of a label, or a label of an OID whether it is a comment, or a string literal in your code.

For screenshots and documentation, please see the homepage.

Home page: https://github.com/caglartoklu/mib_translator.vim

The development is completely moved to Github.
For documentation and screenshot, please visit the homepage link.
Functionality changes will still be reflected to Vim.org page.
install details
For Vundle users:
    Bundle 'caglartoklu/mib_translator.vim'

For Pathogen users:
    cd ~/.vim/bundle
    git clone git://github.com/caglartoklu/mib_translator.vim

For all other users, simply drop the mib_translator.vim file to your plugin directory.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
mib_translator.vim 0.0.6 2013-11-04 7.0 Caglar Toklu - Added: `OidTranslateInfer` command, to infer if the word under cursor
  is whether an OID number or an OID label, and call the appropriate
- Added: option `g:OidTranslatorNetSnmpLogging` to enable/disable
  Net-SNMP logs.
- Added option `g:OidTranslatorExposingCommand`, when used, it will print
  the Net-SNMP command to get the information on top of the created
  translator buffer.
- Added option `g:OidTranslatorInferMapping` which will be used
  to map the `:OidTranslateInfer` command.
- Added: Command `:OidTranslateNumberList` to display the list
  of OIDs defined in Net-SNMP in another buffer.
- Added: If the OID is starts with `1.1`, the leading `1` is automatically
- Added: If there are no arguments for `OidTranslateFromLabel` command,
  current word will be used as the argument.
- Added: If there are no arguments for `OidTranslateFromOid` command,
  the OID under cursor will be used.
- Added: If the parameters to launch the command are empty/faulty,
  a warning will be displayed and the command will not be run.
- Added: Displaying line numbers in the opened buffer, especially
  useful for listing OID number.
- Fixed : The plugin could cause other new buffers to be non-modifiable,
  now all the options are applied using setlocal, without side effects.
mib_translator.vim 0.0.4 2010-04-16 6.0 Caglar Toklu - Fixed: If the opened buffer is deleted by hand, that raised an error when the buffer is opened again.
mib_translator.vim 0.0.3 2010-04-16 6.0 Caglar Toklu - Fixed: Opened buffer remained unmodifiable for the second run.
mib_translator.vim 0.0.2 2010-04-16 6.0 Caglar Toklu - The opened buffer is colored with MIB file syntax, making it more readable.
- The opened buffer is not modifiable from now on.
- Made it more compatible with other plugins, the functions starts with 's:'.
mib_translator.vim 0.0.1 2009-12-03 6.0 Caglar Toklu Initial upload
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