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SpitVspit : Powerful multiple files splitting.

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created by
GaŽl Induni
script type
This is a little script I did because I have always wanted to type

:sp a.cpp b.hpp *.tex......

So... This does it now!

You just have to put this file in the plugin directory and the help in the doc directory and that will remap sp and vsp abbreviation to my function, allowing you to type :vsp *.txt

Let me know if you find some bugs ;-)
install details
I don't know about what came in which version (I run the latest), but the commands you need for my script are very basic and I think they are in Vim for a long time now:
- (v)split
- substitute
- command
- cabclear
- splitright/splitbelow
- args/argadd
- expand
- next

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
SpitVspit_2_2.tar.gz 2.2 2012-05-23 7.0 GaŽl Induni Enabling calling Spit with a count to act like :5split
SpitVspit_2_1_3.tar.gz 2.1.3 2012-02-21 7.0 GaŽl Induni Replaced almost all single-quoted string with double-quoted ones
SpitVspit_2_1_1.tar.gz 2.1.1 2011-02-02 7.0 GaŽl Induni Added help for Wspit command
SpitVspit_2_1.tar.gz 2.1 2011-01-28 7.0 GaŽl Induni New feature: Wspit with multiple arguments makes vsplit for the first and split the following. Try it yourself ;-)
SpitVspit.tar.gz 2.0.6 2010-12-29 7.0 GaŽl Induni Fixed bug with regexp * character, prevent split the current file when using *.smth
SpitVspit.tar.gz 2.0.5 2010-12-19 7.0 GaŽl Induni Minor bugs fixed.
SpitVspit.tar.gz 2.0.4 2010-12-19 7.0 GaŽl Induni GetLatestVimScript compatible.
SpitVspit.tar.gz 2.0.3 2010-12-17 7.0 GaŽl Induni Fixed some bugs caused by misuse of match(). Keeps all the already present args.
SpitVspit.tar.gz 2.0.2 2010-12-16 7.0 GaŽl Induni When using E, keeps the current files in args. Added help file.
SpitVspit.vim 2.0.1 2010-12-16 7.0 GaŽl Induni Added global variable to prevent many loadings.
SpitVspit.vim 2.0 2010-12-15 7.0 GaŽl Induni Completely rewritten the script to use only one function using more arguments. New features: command :e also supported in the same way (using *.m or creating new files).
SpitVspit.vim 1.2 2010-12-04 7.0 GaŽl Induni Fixed minor bugs with spitup/down and vspitleft/right
SpitVspit.vim 1.1 2010-02-09 5.7 GaŽl Induni New features: SpitUp (spu), SpitDown (spd), VspitLeft (vspl) and VspitRight (vspr) allow you to choose where to split if you want... Otherwise there are still the usual Spit and Vspit functions that work according to your settings in your vimrc about the splitright and splitbelow parameters.
SpitVspit.vim 1.0.1 2010-01-07 5.7 GaŽl Induni Fixed bug: cannot split with files that does not exist.
SpitVspit.vim 1.0 2010-01-05 5.7 GaŽl Induni Initial upload
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