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bisect : Navigation via bisection

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created by
Zachary Michaels
script type
This plugin will allow you to reach a desired location on the visible screen by
performing a sequence of bisections to the left, right, up, and down.  By default,
these are performed using the <C-h>, <C-l>, <C-j>, and <C-k> commands, respectively.
<C-i> cancels a bisect.

Horizontal and vertical commands can be interleaved.

Works in normal and all visual modes.

More information available here: http://github.com/mikezackles/Bisect
install details
Use the git repo, or open the vimball and run
:so %

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
bisect.vmb 2.0 2011-10-26 7.0 Zachary Michaels Full support for visual mark mode.  User configuration variables.  No register usage.  Paging functions.  Nonstrict bisection.
bisect.vmb 1.0 2011-10-21 7.0 Zachary Michaels Fixed inconsistencies between bisecting left/right and up/down.  Attempting to move past a boundary now automatically starts a new bisection.
bisect.vba.gz 0.0.1 2010-02-04 7.0 Zachary Michaels Vimball for easier install.  Extra doc.
bisect.tgz 0.0.1 2010-02-03 7.0 Zachary Michaels Initial upload
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