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Parameter Text Objects : Defines parameter text objects

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created by
David Larson
script type
This script defines a parameter text object. A parameter is the text between parentheses or commas, typically found in a function's argument list.

:help text-objects
  for a description of what can be done with text objects.

Also See:
:help a(
  If you want to operate on the parentheses also.

Like all the other text-objects, a parameter text object can be selected following these commands: 'd', 'c', 'y', 'v', etc. The script defines these operator mappings:

   aP    "a parameter", select a parameter, including one comma (if there is one).

   iP    "inner parameter", select a parameter, not including commas.

This is a slick version of argtextobj vimscript #2699; though mine is shorter and can handle counts (ie. c3aP).

NOTE: Negative ratings don't help the script to improve. Instead, please send me an email (shown in my profile). Thank you.
install details
Drop the vim script in your plugin directory.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
parameter_objects.vim 0.2a 2010-03-16 7.0 David Larson The script can handle counts now (eg. 2daP). Implementation suggestion by David Kotchan (thanks David!).
parameter_objects.vim 0.1d 2010-02-19 7.0 David Larson Added <Plug> mappings so that the user can easily remap the commands. Suggested by Kana Natsuno
parameter_objects.vim 0.1c 2010-02-18 7.0 David Larson Ignores strings and comments
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