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python.vim : A set of menus/shortcuts to work with Python files

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Jon Franklin
script type
Written by Mikael Berthe.

This script can be useful when editing Python scripts. It provides the following menus:
- Select a block of lines with the same indentation
- Select a function
- Select a class
- Go to previous/next class/function
- Go to the beginning/end of a block
- Comment/uncomment the selection
- Jump to the last/next line with the same indent
- Shift a block (left/right)
- Creates list of classes and functions for easy code navigation
Version 1.8+ requires Vim 7, earlier versions require Vim 6
install details
Copy to the $VIMFILES/ftplugin directory.  For more information, please read the beginning of the script...

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
python_fn.vim 1.13 2008-08-29 7.0 Jon Franklin Fix for bug that prevented multi-line class and function definitions from showing up in the IM-Python menu.  Patch provided by Branden Rolston.
python_fn.vim 1.12 2008-05-17 7.0 Jon Franklin * Changed to ftplugin and renamed to avoid collision with vim's ftplugin/python.vim. Patch provided by Christopher Lambacher
* Fixed error opening python buffer with no classes or functions.  Patch provided by Chris Farrow
* Removed duplicate ]f key
*Fixed block manipulation bugs due to collision on ]], [[ mappings. See menu for new mappings
python.vim 1.11 2006-11-29 7.0 Jon Franklin Add shortcuts for all remaining menu options.
python.vim 1.10 2006-11-08 7.0 Jon Franklin Add shortcuts for commenting/uncommenting selections.
python.vim 1.9 2006-08-26 6.0 Jon Franklin Fixed bug in IM-Python menu where function and class names beginning with "_" were not included.
python.vim 1.8 2006-08-17 6.0 Mikael Berthe Applied a patch from Jon Franklin: IM-Python menu improvements.
Updated copyright and email address.
python.vim 1.7 2003-07-25 6.0 Mikael Berthe Use <Down> instead of 'j', so it should work when j is mapped.
python.vim 1.6 2003-06-12 6.0 Mikael Berthe Works better with folding... Many thanks to Guy L. Oliver!
python.vim 1.5 2003-01-16 6.0 Mikael Berthe Same as 1.4, I just fixed a typo in the comments and my e-mail address...
python.vim 1.4 2001-09-05 6.0 Mikael Berthe Entry for Adam's IM-Python menu update in the main script menu; some other minor changes...
python.vim 1.3 2001-08-22 6.0 adam seyfarth I've added an IM-Python menu that holds the class definitions and function definitions.
python.vim 1.1 2001-07-07 6.0 Mikael Berthe * Changed the name of the global variable
* Added a new variable; one can choose not to select trailing comments
python.vim 1.0 2001-07-07 6.0 Mikael Berthe Initial upload
python.vim 1.0 2001-07-07 6.0 Mikael Berthe Initial upload
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