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vimgdb : Emacs like gdb interface to cterm vim

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created by
Sureshkumar Manimuthu
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This script provides an emacs like GDB interface to vim. Woks in cygwin and unix terminals (no need for +clientserver).

Find the screen shots at "Vim Viki"

Start the program like this

vimgdb <gdb-params> <exe-file> <exe-params>

This will open vim with two windows. Type the gdb commands in bottom window. The top window will show the current file line and breakpoints highlighted.

You can also jump to top window and use the following keys
<F6> run
<F5> continue
<F7> step into
<F8> step over
<F9> toggle break point
Ctr-p Watch the variable under Cursor/Visual selection

watch the output/variables in bottom window.

Known Bugs:
Don't use the quit gdb command (that will hang the vim), instead quit the vim.

This script is preliminarily based on Tomas Zellerin's gdbvim
install details
copy the vimgdb, vimgdb_msg to any directory in the system path

copy the vimgdb.vim to ~/.vim/misc directory

Needs perl & gdb

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
vimgdb.tar.gz 1.2 2010-08-09 6.0 Sureshkumar Manimuthu Hard coded path for vimgdb_msg removed.
vimgdb.zip 1.1 2010-08-06 6.0 Sureshkumar Manimuthu Previews version did not work on some systems.
This uses sockets for communication instead of pipes.
vimgdb.gz 0.1 2010-04-02 6.0 Sureshkumar Manimuthu Initial upload
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