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GetFile : Select and Open a File by typing part of its path.

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created by
Romain Maurer
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This script  caches the content of a part of the filesystem and help retrieves the appropriate file based on a pattern.
It has been heavily inspired by the FindFile plugin. However, this plugin is not limited to filename patterns only as you can type any part of a file path (thus including folders).
The plugin also comes with some options that allow faster search like automatic search 'completion' of folders, case sensitivity, ...
The pattern supports wildcards (* / ?).

It is a 2 step process to use:
    1. cache the files
    2. search through them

This is my first vim script so feel free to give me advices :)

Here is the documentation that you can find inside the script header:

               You can use the following functions:

                 ":GetFileCacheFiles <path>" - Caches the files. Has to be called at least once before a call to ":GetFile".
                 ":GetFileClearCache" - Clear the cache.
                 ":GetFile" - Start searching for a file.

               You may want to add the following lines in your ~/.vimrc file:
               (or whatever shortcut you find suitable)

               "nmap <silent> <unique> fc :GetFileCacheFiles .<CR>"
               "nmap <silent> <unique> ff :GetFile<CR>"

               Once in the "[GetFile]" buffer:
                 Use "<Up>" / "<C-p>" and "<Down>" / "<C-n>" to select a file.
                 "<CR>" opens the selected file. (If no selection done, it opens the first file).
                 "<ESC>" exits the buffer.

               Supported Options that you can specify in your .vimrc file:

                       List of patterns to ignore.
                       Default = ['*.o', '*.pyc', '*/tmp/*', '*~', '*/.svn/*', '*#']

                       Do not take case into account when searching files.
                       Default = 0

                       Speeds up the search when searching through folders as
                       typing '/' is equivalent to typing '*/'.
                       There are 3 possible values:
                           0: do not use this option
                           1: auto complete the current folder only. (match till
                           the next '/' only)
                           2: auto complete the entire sub hierarchy. (match
                           till the last possible '/')
                       Default = 1

               Example of how to set an option in you .vimrc file:
                   "let g:GetFileAutoFillFolder = 2"
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getfile.vim 1.0.3 2010-05-07 7.0 Romain Maurer Initial upload
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