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Vim Script Updater : Automatically update vim scripts

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David Munger
script type
This Python script updates vim scripts listed in a watch list that you create.
It converts any script to a vimball, thus allowing for easier uninstallation with :RmVimball.
You can have multiple watch lists if you want to keep things sorted.

If you don't care about vimballs and prefer a script that is run from within Vim rather than in the terminal, you can use GetLatestVimScripts: vimscript#642

When run, it parses a watch-list file, looks for updates on www.vim.org, asks for a confirmation to download updated scripts, converts them to vimballs and installs them, and commits changes to the watch list.

The script is quite new and still needs some debugging. Please report bugs to me.

If you use a watch list from the former bash implementation, the new Python version will need to redownload all the scripts once to upgrade the watch list format. I have rewritten the script in Python to get rid of the dependencies (xsltproc, curl, etc.) of the bash version.


usage: ./vim-update-scripts.py watchlist

where watchlist is a file containing one or more lines with the following syntax:
script ID
script ID|prefix

Example file:
install details
1. Download the file vim-update-scripts.py
2. Make it executable:
        chmod +x vim-update-scripts.py
3. Create a watch list:
        echo -e "42\n1259|colors\n3096|plugin\n3108" > watch-list
4. Run the script once in a while:
        ./vim-update-scripts.py watch-list

Note: You can change the line VIM = 'vim' at the beginning of the script to suit your needs.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
vim-update-scripts.py 1.0.2 2011-08-02 7.3 David Munger - use the new .vmb extension for vimballs
vim-update-scripts.py 1.0.1 2011-07-18 7.0 David Munger Fix a byte/string conversion bug that appeared with the new Python version.
vim-update-scripts.py 1.0 2010-11-08 7.0 David Munger updated to Python 3
vim-update-scripts.py 0.6.0 2010-07-04 7.0 David Munger new python version
if you use a watch-list from the shell-script version, the new python version will need to redownload all the scripts in the watchlist once
update-watch-list.sh 0.5.1 2010-07-01 7.0 David Munger - unzip .vim.gz, .vim.bz2, .vba.gz, .vba.bz2 if needed
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