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phpcomplete.vim : php omnicomplete with extra support

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Shawn Biddle
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Default phpcomplete.vim does not support in-file checking of $var = new Class; so if you don't have a tags file with the variable in it already you have to hack around it by placing the comment /* @var $yourvar YourClass */ above the line which is really kludgy.

This patch allows for in-file checking so you don't need the comment.

$instance = new Class;
$instance->Blah(); // <-- complete without comment

It also allows support for singleton instantiations:

$instance = Class::getInstance();
$instance->completeMe(); // sweet completion

=== Usage ===
// example class which has a TAGS file generated for it somewhere
class SomeClass {
  private function _private_method() {} // never shows up in completion list
  public static function staticMethod() {} // only shows up when using completion on SomeClass::<C-X><C-O>
  public function completeMe() {} // only shows up when using completion on $instance_of_someclass-><C-X><C-O>

== Non-static completion ==
$instance = new SomeClass;
$instance-><C-X><C-O> to display the omnicompletion menu (see :help ins-completion)
$instance->completeMe(); // will autoselect completeMe since it's the only public non-static method

== Static completion ==
SomeClass::<C-X><C-O> to display omnicompletion menu
SomeClass::staticMethod(); // once again will autoselect staticMethod since it's the only public static method

== Singleton completion ==
$instance = SomeClass::getInstance();
$instance-><C-X><C-O> complete just like non-static

=== Other features ===
* Correct restriction of static or standard methods based on context ( show only static methods with :: and only standard with ->)
* Real support for self:: and $this-> with the aforementioned context restriction
* Constant variable completion (not just define(VARIABLE, 1) but const VARIABLE = 1)

Follow updates:
install details
Place in $HOME/.vim/autoload/phpcomplete.vim and enable the php ftplugin

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
phpcomplete.vim 1.3.3 2010-10-26 7.0 Shawn Biddle Also do in-file checking for static completion
phpcomplete.vim 1.3.2 2010-08-05 7.0 Shawn Biddle Don't complete self::, static::, or $this-> while outside of a class
phpcomplete.vim 1.3.1 2010-08-05 7.0 Shawn Biddle Support for PHP 5.3's LSB static:: context
phpcomplete.vim 1.3 2010-07-29 7.0 Shawn Biddle Correctly limit completion lists to static or normal methods based on :: or ->. Adds support for self:: completion
phpcomplete.vim 1.2 2010-07-29 7.0 Shawn Biddle Added in-file completion for $this-> context
phpcomplete.vim 1.1 2010-07-28 7.0 Shawn Biddle Added support for completion of const variables (const SOMETHING = 1;, not just
define("SOMETHING", 1);)
phpcomplete.vim 1 2010-07-28 7.2 Shawn Biddle Initial upload
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