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ora-workbench : A workbench for Oracle databases

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created by
Robert Kaltenthaler
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The ORA-Workbench is a VIM plugin to use VIM a development environment for
ORACLE databases.

The ORA-Workbench shows the typical layout of modern development environment consiting
- the object tree on the left side
- a editing area in upper right
- a "log" window in the lower right

The workbench requires a Oracle Client installation (I'm calling SQLPLUS). The
program "sqlplus" must be in the "path".

This plugin has been tested with:
- vim*7.2, vim*7.3
- ORACLE*10.2, ORACLE*11g
- MS Windows 2000
- SUSE Linux*10, SUSE Linux*11
install details
- create the directory ".vim" (for linux systems) or "vimfiles"
  (MS-Windows system) in your home directory.
- create the sub-directory "plugin"
- copy the file "orawb.vim" into the "plugin" directory
- create the sub-directory "doc"
- copy the file "orawb.txt" into the "dic" directory.
- start vim
- execute the command ":helptags ~/.vim/doc" (linux) or
  ":helptags ~/vimfiles/doc" (Windows)
- make sure that "sqlplus" is in your operation system PATH.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
orawb.tgz 1.10 2013-12-23 7.0 Robert Kaltenthaler This new version includes the command Yprint to create DDL files
for most of the objects in the database.
orawb.tgz 1.9 2013-04-09 7.0 Robert Kaltenthaler The "workbench" is now able to display database links.
orawb.tgz 1.8 2013-04-01 7.0 Robert Kaltenthaler Bug-fix: you can now save the content of a worksheet to a file using ":sav <filename>"
orawb.tgz 1.7 2013-03-06 7.0 Robert Kaltenthaler The workbench is now able to open "synonyms" with the
command ":Yopen".
You will get the DDL script to create or replace the synonym.
Okay - just a small thing, but I'm using lot of
orawb.tgz 1.6 2012-12-24 7.3 Robert Kaltenthaler The build-in "omni-completion" function now covers column names and function / procedure name from packages.
orawb.tgz 1.5 2012-08-14 7.0 Robert Kaltenthaler Bug-fix: The sort-order of source code lines can be mixed up. This could happen when you open a package body from the database. This is error has been fixed.
orawb.tgz 1.4 2011-11-02 7.0 Robert Kaltenthaler Now you can supply the connection information (user/password/database) together with the commands "Yshow" and "Yconnect"
orawb.tgz 1.2 2011-10-18 7.2 Robert Kaltenthaler The "normal mode" keys are now the same as the command line keys (ym-->Ym, yd -->Yd...).
The commands can be used without calling "Yshow" to display the database meta information.

orawb.zip 1.1 2010-10-26 7.0 Robert Kaltenthaler The key-mapping to execute SQL commands is now
available for all buffers.
The (new) command Yw[orksheet] creates a new SQL worksheet.
orawb.zip 1.0 2010-09-26 7.2 Robert Kaltenthaler Initial upload
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