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cSyntaxAfter : Operator highlighting for C-like languages and more

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created by
Sergey Vlasov
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This plugin was initially created for codeblock_dark color theme (vimscript #3266) to highlight operators (+ - / * = <> () and others) in C-like languages.

Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/R6tTqc2

There are two ways to enable the plugin:

  1. If you want to use CSyntaxAfter highlighting as is, put this into your

     autocmd! FileType c,cpp,java,php call CSyntaxAfter()

  2. If you also want to extend the highlighting or add other C-like languages
  support (Java, Go etc), create a corresponding <filetype>.vim file in
  .vim/after/syntax/ and call CSyntaxAfter() from there instead.

  WARNING: For same file type use either option (1.) or (2.), basically avoid calling
  CSyntaxAfter() more than once.

  For example, to distinguish "++" and "--" operator from "+" and "-" in C and C++,
  remove "c" and "cpp" from autocmd above and instead create .vim/after/syntax/c.vim
  with (cpp syntax is based on c):

     if exists("*CSyntaxAfter")
        call CSyntaxAfter()

     syntax match longOperators "++\|--"
     hi longOperators guifg=green guibg=red
install details
1. Extract to ~/.vim/
2. Put this into your .vimrc:
    autocmd! FileType c,cpp,java,php call CSyntaxAfter()

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
cSyntaxAfter-0.4.zip 0.4 2016-10-10 7.4 Sergey Vlasov Fix: no spell checking in comments.
cSyntaxAfter-0.3.zip 0.3 2015-03-10 7.0 Sergey Vlasov Documentation updated.
cSyntaxAfter-0.2.zip 0.2 2012-04-02 6.0 Sergey Vlasov Clean up
cSyntaxAfter.zip 0.1 2010-10-05 7.0 Sergey Vlasov Initial upload
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