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Gundo : Visualize your undo tree.

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Steve Losh
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Gundo is a Vim plugin for visualizing your undo tree to make it usable.

Go to the site for more information: http://sjl.bitbucket.org/gundo.vim/

Requirements: Vim 7.3+ with Python 2.4+ support.
install details
Use Pathogen: http://addisu.taddese.com/blog/using-github-and-pathogen-for-your-vim-config-files/

No, seriously.  You'll thank me.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
gundo.zip 2.6.2 2016-12-16 7.3 Steve Losh * Fix to deal with backwards-incompatible change in Python 3.5's difflib.
* Add Neovim support.
* Fix several Python-related bugs.
* Add g:gundo_return_on_revert option.
gundo.zip 2.5.0 2013-07-11 7.3 Steve Losh * Fix the help window to take custom mappings into account.
* Add g:gundo_playback_delay option.
gundo.zip 2.4.0 2012-06-02 7.3 Steve Losh * Add auto preview option.
* Add 'r' mapping to preview current state.
* Add public gundo#GundoShow() and gundo#GundoHide() functions.
gundo.zip 2.3.0 2012-02-08 7.3 Steve Losh * Add statusline configuration options.
gundo.zip 2.2.2 2011-07-29 7.3 Steve Losh * More performance improvements.
* Repackaged with some missing files, sorry about that.
gundo.zip 2.2.1 2011-06-28 7.3 Steve Losh * Refactoring and performance improvements.
gundo.zip 2.2.0 2011-05-27 7.3 Steve Losh * Add the g:gundo_close_on_revert setting.
* Fix a bug with the splitbelow setting.
gundo.zip 2.1.1 2011-03-13 7.3 Steve Losh * Fix a bug with the movement mapping keys.
gundo.zip 2.1.0 2011-03-10 7.3 Steve Losh * Warnings about having an incompatible Vim and/or Python installation are now deferred until the first time you try to use Gundo, instead of being displayed on launch.
* The <j> and <k> mappings are now configurable with g:gundo_map_move_older and g:gundo_map_move_newer.
* The o, <Up> and <Down> keys are now mapped in the Gundo pane.
* Improve and add several unit tests for Gundo.
gundo.zip 2.0.0 2010-11-10 7.3 Steve Losh * Make GundoToggle close the Gundo windows if they're visible but not the current window, instead of moving to them.
* Add the g:gundo_help setting.
* Add the g:gundo_disable setting.
* Add the 'p' mapping to preview the result of reverting to the selected state.
* Fix movement commands with counts in the graph.
gundo.zip 1.0.0 2010-10-29 7.3 Steve Losh Initial upload
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