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VimCoder.jar : The TopCoder Arena editor plugin with Vim integration.

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Charles McGarvey
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The TopCoder Arena is a Java applet providing access to free programming
challenges and competitions.  The applet contains a built-in editor for
solving the algorithm problems, but coding in Vim is much easier.  This is
a plugin for the arena providing support for using Vim as your editor.  You
can learn about TopCoder at their site: http://www.topcoder.com/tc

Some features of this plugin:

- Use Vim to edit your TC Arena problems.
- Keeps track of your code files locally so you'll always have a copy.
- Works with any language supported by TC.
- Downloads and stores a copy of the problem statement with your code for
    off-line viewing.
- Support for templates (default templates provided only for C++ and Java).
- Test-case "drivers" can be generated locally with the example test-case
    data (currently C++ only).


You need to have client/server support compiled into Vim.  This is usually
the case.  You also need to have a recent Java runtime implementation in
order to run the arena applet and editor plugin.

You can also use Vim's :make command to build the C++ test cases, but
of course you'll need the make utility and a C++ compiler.

A more detailed description of this plugin is available on the project page,
along with the source code:

This software is not endorsed by TopCoder and is provided as-is.
install details
1. Launch the TC Arena applet.
2. Click the "Options" menu and select "Editor" to show the editor preferences.
3. Click the "Add" button to bring up a new window for adding plugins.
4. In the "Name" field, type "Vim" or whatever you want. This is used for identifying the plugin.
5. In the "EntryPoint" field, type "com.dogcows.VimCoder" without the quotes.
6. For the "ClassPath" field, click on "Browse" and locate the VimCoder jar file you downloaded.
7. Click "OK" to close the plugin adding window.
8. Click "Save" in the editor preferences window.

You should now be able select "Vim" (or whatever you entered in the first field) in the problem statement window to use Vim!

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
VimCoder-0.3.6.jar 0.3.6 2015-03-07 7.0 Charles McGarvey * Bugfix: Do not insert C++-style comments since that doesn't work for some languages (e.g. Python).
* Improved documentation
VimCoder-0.3.5.jar 0.3.5 2013-04-09 7.0 Charles McGarvey New features:
* The default C++ driver now generates TAP (Test Anything Protocol) so that a compatible test harness may be used.
* Added an optional alternative directory structure based on contest name and point values to make browsing easier.

Other changes:
* Better Windows support for default C++ Makefile and driver program.
* Improved documentation and other small tweaks.
VimCoder-0.3.4.jar 0.3.4 2013-01-25 7.0 Charles McGarvey Bug fixes:

* Prevent a rare compile error in the C++ driver.
* Works with JRE 1.6 (thanks Sam Lidder and Aaron Michelony).

Other changes:

* Build the jar with jar(1) instead of zip(1). That makes more sense...
* Cleaned up the documentation somewhat.
VimCoder-0.3.3.jar 0.3.3 2012-08-23 7.0 Charles McGarvey This version includes bug-fixes for the C++ driver:
* Test floating point values with TopCoder's allowed error.
* Avoid an infinite loop with recent versions of libstdc++.

Thanks to Sam Lidder for the patches.
VimCoder-0.3.2.jar 0.3.2 2011-07-13 7.0 Charles McGarvey Bugfixes:
* Makefile changes are no longer clobbered when re-opening a problem (thanks jiakai for reporting).
* multi-word types (i.e. unsigned long in C++) are no longer smooshed together.
* Waiting on the Vim server process increased to 2.5 seconds in case Vim loads slowly (i.e. from NFS).
Other changes:
* Default C++ Makefile template now uses the -ggdb g++ flag for more expressive debugging information.
VimCoder-0.3.1.jar 0.3.1 2010-12-15 7.0 Charles McGarvey * Now uses correct line-endings by default on Windows.
* Other cosmetic bugfixes.
VimCoder-0.3.jar 0.3 2010-11-17 7.0 Charles McGarvey

* User-customizable templates (add them to the "storage" directory).
* Default Vim command for Windows now C:\WINDOWS\gvim.bat; if you don't have this executable, you may need to tell VimCoder how to invoke Vim.
* Documentation now available: https://www.dogcows.com/vimcoder/wiki/Manual
VimCoder-0.2.jar 0.2 2010-11-13 7.0 Charles McGarvey Initial upload
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