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hdl_plugin : Vhdl/Verilog fast instant and generate testbench file.

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created by
陈 勇
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"    hdl_plugin is a plugin that enables you to fast instant and generate a testbench file.
"    it can help you to compile by modelsim convenient.

"    main function:
"    Add a menu for vim:
"    create a library
"    Compile file
"    Add File Header
"    Add Content
"    Process
"    Module/Entity
"    Vhdl Component:Creat a window to display the Component information,and add these to clipboard
"    Verilog Instant : Fast instant for verilog.Also add to clipboard
"    Vhdl Testbench :Generate a vhdl testbench file
"    Verilog Testbench :Generate a verilog testbench file
    Format Vhdl File: it can help you to finishing the code.
"                              Set ":,=>" in the same position.
"                              Support the "component","signal","instant"and "entity" part.
"    Use <leader>, to fast define signal.

"    view details:http://www.cnblogs.com/ifys/archive/2010/11/20/1882673.html#
"    e-mail: ifys0325@163.com
"    Welcome to post your suggestions to me.
install details
Copy the hdl_plugin to $VIM/vimfiles/plugin/ (on Windows platforms).

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
hdl_plugin.vim v2.5 2011-03-30 7.0 陈 勇 Fixed a bug in function HDL_Signal_Dec_Vhdl();
Add a function HDL_Generic_For_Debussy(),which can used with debussy.
hdl_plugin.vim v2.4 2011-01-26 7.0 陈 勇 Fixed Some Bugs
hdl_plugin.vim v2.3 2011-01-26 7.0 陈 勇 Add a Function "HDL_Signal_Dec_Vhdl".Which can fast define signal.
          Use defaule <leader>, as the hot key.The idea from sunil shukla.
Fixed Some Bugs.
Redifined The function name.
hdl_plugin.vim v2.2 2011-01-26 7.0 陈 勇 Add a menu list "Format Vhdl File" which can finishing the code.
make ":,=>" in the same position.Support the "component","signal","instant"and "entity" part.
hdl_plugin.vim v2.1 2011-01-26 7.0 陈 勇 Supports "inout" port
Can be used for verilog file
hdl_plugin.vim v2.0 2011-01-26 7.0 陈 勇 Supports many port in the identical line
hdl_plugin.vim v1.9 2011-01-26 7.0 陈 勇 Added support for 'generic'
Updata the menu
Set some initial value
hdl_plugin.vim v1.8 2011-01-26 7.0 陈 勇 Fixed some bugs
hdl_plugin.vim v1.7 2011-01-25 7.0 陈 勇 Initial upload
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