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Vim Blog : An updated plugin to allow you to post from VIM to Wordpress

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created by
Josh Kenzer
script type
took the popular vimpress plugin and added the ability to upload images and set a post status type (draft or published).

Commands :
":BlogList [count]"
  Lists the last x articles in the blog - if left blank 10 are returned
  Opens page to write new article
":BlogOpen <id>"
  Opens the article <id> for edition
":BlogDel <id>"
  Del the article <id>
  Saves the article to the blog if the Post Status is draft. Posts the
  article to the blog if the Post Status is publish
":BlogUp <image name>"
  Uploads an image to the blog and inserts the image url. It will use the
  img_template var to fill in a whole img tag if wanted. Use %s where you'd
  like the actual url to be.
  Must be in insert mode.
  Displays an auto-complete list of available blog categories. Currently
  only supported after :BlogNew
  You can remap this on line 69
install details
Place in your vim/plugin/ directory.

Edit the settings starting on line 82

This plugin does require that python be compiled into vim

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
blog.vim 1.6 2011-03-10 7.0 Josh Kenzer Added one new feature: When you use :BlogSend, your default browser will open either the preview URL or the actual URL in your default browser (I have not tested this in Windows). If it is a published post, it will use the "?p=id" URL format. Note that this doesn't affect how you have your wordpress default URL slug setup.

You can configure the plugin to not open a browser window by changing the enable_preview setting to 0. Currently, it will open a new window/tab everytime you do :BlogSend. I hope to modify this to only do it once per post in the future.

I also now show the appropriate url in the Preview line based on whether it is a draft or published post.
blog.vim 1.5 2011-03-07 7.0 Josh Kenzer I added the capability to auto-complete categories. The command, while in insert mode, is <leader>c. This is the same as <ctrl>x <ctrl>u for a user defined auto-complete list.

I also added some plugin checks to make sure it wasn't previously loaded.
blog.vim 1.2 2011-03-02 7.0 Josh Kenzer Bug Fix.
Added the ability to define an image template to use. This template is inserted into the buffer after the :BlogUp has uploaded your image. %s is replaced with the img url. This should speed up time for inserting images into your posts.
blog.vim 1.1 2011-03-01 7.0 Josh Kenzer Added BlogDel and revised BlogList to return a specified number of posts (default is 10). Thanks to http://wiki.yepn.net/vimpress for the code. Thanks to Carson for the tip.
blog.vim 1.0 2011-02-28 7.0 Josh Kenzer Fixed documentation
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