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makebg : Shell script to perform make in the background.

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Sameer Sheorey
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Inside Vim, use this mapping for Fn12:
map <F12> :exec "!makebg" v:servername "'" . &makeprg . "'" &makeef<CR><CR>
Execute make in the background. Vim will automatically open the quickfix error window and jump to the first error or warning when make is done. If make is successful, you will just see a message. You can choose to ignore warnings by commenting out LIST_WARNINGS=true inside the script. The mapping enables you to use your custom makeprg and makeef options, otherwise default values are used. For example, you can use ninja instead of make by setting makeprg appropriately. Errors from the current run of make are prepended to the previous errors.  To clear previous errors, use this mapping for Shift + Fn12:
map <S-F12> :exec "!rm " &makeef "; makebg" v:servername "'" . &makeprg . "'"  &makeef<CR><CR>
Add these mappings to your vimrc for convenience.

This is Unix only (GNU/Linux, *BSD, Solaris, Mac OSX, Cygwin)
install details
Put the script somewhere in your path (eg: /usr/local/bin or ~/bin) and make it executable:
chmod +x makebg

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
makebg 1.2 2014-11-22 6.0 Sameer Sheorey Error list is not opened for successful builds. This can be controlled with an option for warnings. Following suggestion from http://vim.wikia.com/wiki/Script:3479
makebg 1.1 2011-04-05 6.0 Sameer Sheorey Date prepended to error list
makebg 1 2011-03-02 6.0 Sameer Sheorey Initial upload
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