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VimRepress : Plugin for managing wordpress blog from Vim.

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Preston Masion
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VimRepress is a plugin for managing wordpress blog from Vim,  a rewritten  of vimscript #1953 , which is broken for years.

Now VimRepress lives with more powerful again.


- Vim 7.3+ with python 2.6/2.7 support
- Python Environment matched wtih Vim's support
- python-markdown/python-markdown2 installed
- wordpress 3.0.0 +


Some commands list above contain special usage, example below may clearify them for you.

    :BlogList             -  List 30 recent posts.
    :BlogList page        -  List 30 recent pages.
    :BlogList post 100    -  List 100 recent posts.

    :BlogNew post         -  Write an new post.
    :BlogNew page         -  Write an new page.

    :BlogSave             -  Save (defautely published.)
    :BlogSave draft       -  Save as draft.

    :BlogPreview local    -  Preview page/post locally in your browser.
    :BlogPreview publish  -  Same as `:BlogSave publish' with brower opened.

    :BlogOpen 679
    :BlogOpen http://your-first-blog.com/archives/679
    :BlogOpen http://your-second-blog.com/?p=679
    :BlogOpen http://your-third-blog.com/with-your-custom-permalink

More detailed about this commands, type :help vimpress while you have vimrepress installed.

Developing Repository:  https://bitbucket.org/pentie/vimrepress
install details

Download vimpress_x.x.x.zip, extract it in your .vim directory:

  cd ~/.vim
  unzip /path/to/vimpress_x.x.x.zip

Create file ~/.vimpressrc in the following format:

blog_url = http://a-blog.com/
username = admin
password = 123456

blog_url = https://someone.wordpress.com/
username = someone
password =
Hardcoding the password is optional. If a password is not provided the plugin will prompt for one the first time it's needed.

For Upgraded Users

Defining Account info in .vimrc is now obsolesced, if you have correspond defination in .vimrc (for older version vimpress), they will automaticly copied into ~/.vimpressrc, now you're safe to remove the VIMPRESS defination in .vimrc.

If you need Markdown support, simply run `sudo apt-get install python-markdown' in Ubuntu.

If you use other distributions (or OSs), refer to your package manager or the python-markdown
project page: http://www.freewisdom.org/projects/python-markdown/Installation

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Click on the package to download.

package script version date Vim version user release notes
vimpress-dev_3.2.0_r121_3b2af4bb105e.zip 3.2.0 2012-06-19 7.3 Preston Masion 3.2.0
vimpress-stable_2.1.5_r81_13e8413bc8e7.zip 2.1.5 2011-09-07 7.3 Preston Masion BugFix: Failed reading <!--more--> tag content in page.
vimpress-stable_2.1.4_r71_4421edf0ada2.zip 2.1.4 2011-09-06 7.3 Preston Masion FixBug: Left <!--more--> tag when reedit a post.
vimpress-stable_2.1.3_r69_97f8697f2221.zip 2.1.3 2011-09-06 7.0 Preston Masion BugFix: Fail to show a complete post if contaied "<!--more-->"
vimpress_2.1.2_r45_92e8d28b40fc.zip 2.1.2 2011-08-10 7.3 Preston Masion Bug Fix Version.
-fix: will update meta area if new posts left cats/slug empty.
vimpress_2.1.0_r41_355e2b15f571.zip 2.1.0 2011-05-30 7.3 Preston Masion Fully Markdown Support;
Use wordpress attachment to store raw markdown text;
vimpress-1.3.0_r68.zip 1.3.0 2011-03-28 7.3 Preston Masion Add markdown support.
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