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snippet.vim : Replace a word with any text

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created by
Timothy Aldrich
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Snippets are fragments of code, usually related to keywords .
For example the C language defines "for" and "do" as keywords,
among others.  Since "for" is usually written
    as :
         for (...;...;...) {
                 //code here
Most users will create an abbreviation for the keyword "for" to add the
parenthesis and curly-braces such as :
         iabb xFor for<space>(<space>;<space>;<space>)<space>{<cr><cr>}

To accomplish this using snippets, create a file with these lines :

for ( <#cursor#>; ; ) {


Now when editing a 'c' file, when you type 'for<C-S>' ,for is replaced by the
snippet of code you placed in the file.  Additionally the cursor is placed
between the opening ( and the first ; ... ready for you to begin typing.
install details
place plugin/snippet.vim in your ~/.vim/plugin directory
place syntax/snippet.vim in your ~/.vim/syntax directory
place doc/snippet.txt in your ~/.vim/doc
see :he add-local-help for details on adding plugin help.
mkdir ~/.vim/snippets ( read help for alternatives )
mkdir ~/.vim/snippets/<syntax>

to use the snippet syntax file, add :

augroup filetypedetect
  au! BufRead,BufNewFile *.spt setfiletype snippet
augroup END

to your filetype.vim


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package script version date Vim version user release notes
snippet.zip 1.5 2003-12-19 6.0 Timothy Aldrich Minor fix in the include functionality.
snippet.zip 1.4 2002-08-09 6.0 Timothy Aldrich another Vikas improvement :
changed visual selection from character wise 'v' to line wise 'V'
incorporates all previous fixes see changelog for list
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