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Vimper IDE : vimper : Yet another IDE using Vim...

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Subhabrata Ghosh
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Vimper is a Vim based IDE, a set of plugins to enable creation of development projects. There are a lot of useful plugins available to aid development, but you need to run around to gather them. The goal is to gather a lot of these plugins into one single package and also extend them or add new plugins.

Currently it supports:
* C++ IDE --  definition of C/C++ projects
(projects can also be created for developing vim plugins, mainly for demo purpose).

Current features include:

* Tree based file explorer (VTreeExplore)
* Auto generation of makefiles.
* Integration and navigation of make errors/warnings.
* Project Window (listing all defined projects)
* Browser to View/Navigate Class/Structure/Function definitions
* Search files within project and navigate to search results.

Project Explorer & Class Browser : http://www.langene.net/ext/images/Vimper_Class_Browser.png
Project Search : http://www.langene.net/ext/images/Vimper-Search_Project.png
Project Build : http://www.langene.net/ext/images/Vimper-make_Output.png

Useful Key Maps:
- nmap <F8> :Vimper<cr>
- nmap <C-f> :VSearch<cr>
- nmap <C-S-b> :VmkMake<cr>
- nmap <C-S-t> :VProjTags<cr>

Instead of putting these mappings in the .vimrc file, they should be added to the <PROJECT_ROOT>/.vimproj file. This file is autogenerated every time a new project is created.

Goto https://code.google.com/p/vimper/ for more details and documentation. If you run into any issues or bugs it would be great if you could log them at the Google Code project. Any feedback or suggestion also welcome.

Use :helptags <install dir>/doc to add the vimdoc files and type :help Vimper to view the help documentation.

Note: Currently this only tested on (*)nix platform. An earlier version was tested on Windows with cygwin, things might have broken since. If anyone tries it out on windows and faces issues please let me know by logging an issue. On windows most of the functionality will not work without Cygwin.

install details
To install vimper unzip the downloaded vimper-<version>.zip file and copy the contents to your Vim folder. On (*)nix machines they can be copied to the ~/.vim directory or on Windows machines to ~/vimfiles. You can also copy the contents to <Vim Runtime Home>/vimfiles (though not recommended). Set the environment variable VIMPER_HOME to point to the directory to which the content was copied (eg. VIMPER_HOME=~/.vim).

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
vimper-0.1.3b.tgz 0.1.3b 2011-07-09 7.0 Subhabrata Ghosh Added typedefs and macros to the Class Explorer.
vimper-0.1.3.tgz 0.1.3 2011-07-08 7.0 Subhabrata Ghosh Added functionality to create classes.
Type "c" in the explorer window on or under the directory the class files should be added. Follow the prompts to create a header and class file.
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