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transpose-words : Swap two words as M-t (transpose-words) in Emacs or bash.

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fermat 618
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Swap two words. Simulate the M-t (transpose-words) in Emacs or Bash.

  Just press <M-t> (Alt-t) in insert mode, normal mode or command-line.
  count is also supported. 8<M-t> will push the word befor the cursor right 8 times
  repeat.vim (vimscript #2136) is also supported. When it present, press dot
  (.) in nornal mode will repeat the this function.

In gvim, <M-t> may open menu, this can be disabled by
:set winaltkeys=no
In the console, <M-t> may just doesn't work, you can enable it by
:exec "set <M-t>=\<Esc>t"
In some terminal such as gnome-terminal, <M-t> may open the menu of the
terminal, this can be disable in the configuration of the terminal.

or you may change the <M-t> to other keys such as <Leader>t
:nmap <Leader>t <Plug>Transposewords
:imap <Leader>t <Plug>Transposewords
:cmap <Leader>t <Plug>Transposewords
Typically, <Leader> is slash '\', you can press \t to do the same work.
Put these in startup file as you like.

This script act more liky M-t in Bash than M-t in Emacs.

I have checked http://vim.wikia.com/wiki/VimTip47 and swap (vimscript #3250.)
In these solutions, either changes cannot be undo nicely, or the search history
are changed, and many other difference from the M-t in bash.

  1. `foo| != ba|r`: when the cursor is between two bar ('|'), and M-t
     pressed, `foo` and `bar` will be transposed. (same as in bash)
  2. `bar foo|`: when the two words are transposed, the cursor will be
     right after the second word `foo`. (same as in bash)
  3. Correctly undo the cursor position.
  4. Does not change the search ('/' or '?') history.
  5. Also work on command-line.
     Note: On a input() command-line with '=' prompt, it does not work.
  6. The pattern which match the words are customizable. (default '\k\+',
     set g:transwrd_wordpattern in startup file.)
install details
Just put it in to the plugin directory. (e.g. ~/.vim/plugin)

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
transwrd.vim 1.1 2011-07-07 6.0 fermat 618 count is supported now. 8<M-t> will do the right thing.
repeat.vim (vimscript #2136) is supported.
transwrd.vim 1.0 2011-07-06 6.0 fermat 618 Initial upload
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