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tablistlite.vim : Tracks the previously accessed tabs,and provides interface to switch back.

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Sandeep CR
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This plugin makes it very easy to switch tabs. This keeps track of the tabs you were working in recently, so that you may switch back to them very easily. All the tab switching can be done using keyboard only

So if  you used to working in a lot of tabs, then this plugin can make a lot of difference.

screenshot : http://i55.tinypic.com/x1g1l5.png

Command to open the recently worked tab list is


Invoking this plugin opens a new horizontal window above the currently window.
This window will contain a list of tabs(that are still open and you have accessed previously).
The tabs are sorted on order in which you accessed.
Top line shows the last tab you were on. The previous tab below it and so on.

To switch to a tab in the list, double click on the line or press enter when you are on the corresponding line.

When a tab is closed, that tab is removed from the list. The tablist window closes automatically when it loses focus.
install details
Copy tablist.vim file to the plugins directory and restart vim

in linux plugins dir => .vim dir in users home dir
in windows =>  vimfiles dir in user home dir in Documents and Settings

To make this plugin really useful you have to assign a shortcut key for this, say you want F2 key to open and close  the tab list. you can add the following line in your .vimrc file.

             map <F2> :Tablisttoggle<CR>.

if you are on windows " the file name would be _vimrc. The .vimrc file is  usually present in the users home directory.

.vimrc file will be hidden in linux so you will have to do a

"ls -ah" command to see it.

If the file  is not present you can just add one file with this line only.

you have to Restart vim

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
tablistlite.vim 1.2 2011-09-19 7.0 Sandeep CR Added indication for tabs that contain modified buffer.
tablistlite.vim 1.2 2011-08-21 7.0 Sandeep CR Bug Fixed where a tab wont show up in the list until it is switched for another tab.
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