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TagmaTips : Tool Tips for Vim

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created by
Lorance Stinson
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This plugin uses the Tool Tip / Balloon functionality of Vim to display Tool
Tips for code. Currently only Tcl and AWK are supported.

Tool Tips are displayed for commands, variables and user defined procedures /
functions. The current buffer is checked for user defined procedures / functions when it
is written to disk.

More information and screenshots (in the wiki) at: https://github.com/LStinson/TagmaTips

Requires GVim 7 or later.

I welcome any and all feedback. Please contact me at LoranceStinson AT Gmail....
Please be sure to put TagmaTips in the subject so I know what you are emailing about.
install details
You should be able ti simply unzip the file in the proper location.

Place the files in ~/.vim or ~/vimfiles
If using a manager (like Pathogen) place in ~/.vim/bundle or ~/vimfiles/bundle

Please note when updating the Vim Tool Tips Cache will be rebuilt.
This will cause a delay when loading a Vim file the first time.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
TagmaTips.zip 0.5 2012-01-15 7.0 Lorance Stinson Created the option g:TagmaTipsAutoEnable to control auto enable of Tool Tips. If g:TagmaTipsAutoEnable is set to false tool tips must manually be enabled for each buffer using the new command EnableTips.
TagmaTips.zip 0.4 2012-01-14 7.0 Lorance Stinson Added AutoCmd events support to Vim. Updated the documentation. Fixed a few formatting issues with Vim tool tips.
TagmaTips.zip 0.3 2012-01-02 7.0 Lorance Stinson Added Perl support and Perl functions from 'perldoc -f'. The code is more generic and efficient. See the GitHub home for more information.
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