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gccsingle.vim : Quick run single C source file

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created by
Tian Huixiong
script type
        This is a smart utility for quick run single c source file in vim.

        It has follow features:
                1. Use gcc compiler.
                2. Compile and run single c source file just one command.
                3. Program's output is showing below the source file in a new window.
                4. You can hide the output window easily.
                5. When there are some errors, quick window will automatically appears.
                6. When there is no error, quick window hides automatically.
                7. When you compile it, source code is saved by the script, so you need not to save it.
                8. Only three commands, easily to remember, easily to use.

        The most cool things are:
                1. Run source file just one command.
                2. Quick window shows and hides automatically.
                3. Everything happened in vim, no ugly command window.

        Has bugs, quick window appears

        No bug, output in vim, no command window
install details
        Put this file in ~/.vim/plugin on *nix.
        Or put it in $vim/vimfiles/plugin on Windows.

        Only three commands to use this utility.
        If you don't like these mapping, just modify the source code.
                1. compile and run:      ,g      (g means gcc)
                2. run the program:      ,r       (r means run)
                3. hide the output:        ,h      (h means hide)

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
gccsingle.vim 1.6 2011-09-14 7.0 Tian Huixiong Bug fixed:
when the current window is the output window,   use ",h"  to hide the output window and source code window's statusline hides too.
gccsingle.vim 1.5 2011-09-14 7.0 Tian Huixiong Hide the output window's statusline.
gccsingle.vim 1.4 2011-09-14 7.0 Tian Huixiong Process exception: if program not exist, return directly.
gccsingle.vim 1.3 2011-09-13 7.0 Tian Huixiong 1. Simplify the installation, mapped in source file, no need to modify the vimrc
gccsingle.vim 1.2 2011-09-13 7.0 Tian Huixiong 1. Simplify the mapping.
2. Shorten the function names.
gccsingle.vim 1.1 2011-09-13 7.0 Tian Huixiong 1.  One command to compile and run the source code.
2.  Simplify the mapping.
gccsingle.vim 1.1 2011-09-13 7.0 Tian Huixiong 1.  Run the source file directly, no need to compile it first.
2.  Simplify the mapping.
gccsingle.vim 1.0 2011-09-11 7.0 Tian Huixiong Initial upload
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