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vim-pad : a quick-notetaking plugin

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Felipe Morales
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There are many notetaking plugins for vim. Most of them depend on your notes
having a certain format for the convenience of highlighting stuff like headers,
lists and links. Also mostly, they don't provide a workflow for your notetaking:
you need to create manually a file to put your notes on and save it somewhere
with a name that hopefully makes sense (ever saved a note and then updated its
contents so the filename no longer applied?). Usually too, taking notes is
disruptive of whatever you are doing: imagine you're coding and have an idea you
think you might use afterwards. Ideally, you could just take the note right
there, without needing to travel to your notes, or cluttering your filesystem.

*vim-pad* tries to solve those issues, by focusing on a definite workflow.
First, it makes it so you can at any moment (in insert and normal mode):

- open your notes.
- search in your notes.
- create a new note.

Also, it keeps the filename issue away by:

- naming your files after the time you created them. This makes them unique and
  allows for easy sorting. The filenames are updated when changes are made in
  old files, so the date is always equal to the last time you modified your
- considering the first line of your document as its title. This is in tune with
  the way most markup styles work (e.g., markdown)

vim-pad doesn't specify a format for your notes. Instead, it uses a default,
which you can configure, and allows the use of modelines. Esentially, this
means your notes can be free-form, and you can adapt them to your needs.
install details
The most recent version of the plugin will always be available from https://github.com/fmoralesc/vim-pad

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
vim-pad_1.1.zip 1.1 2015-01-07 7.4 Felipe Morales * Allow mappings to be set independently
* Some fixes
vim-pad_1.0.zip 1.0 2015-01-05 7.0 Felipe Morales mayor update.

* changed the interface so it's all under the :Pad command
* support local notes
* support ag, and pt backends, improved grep and ack ones.
* added a tutorial using vim-tutor-mode's[1] format.

[1]: https://github.com/fmoralesc/vim-tutor-mode
vim-pad_0.9.1.zip 0.9.1 2014-01-31 7.0 Felipe Morales Gathers last year fixes. We haven't had a release in a while, we might as well update it now.
vim-pad-0.9.tar.gz 0.9 2012-12-02 7.0 Felipe Morales * adds support for file extensions.
* searches now query subfolder names too.
* OpenPad accepts an argument to insert the first line in the new notes.
* Several fixes.
vim-pad-0.8b.zip 0.8b 2012-07-27 7.0 Felipe Morales * added support for archiving.

* vim-pad's window can now be opened at the right too.

* changed highlighting for list, for better readability and updated features.

* mappings are created for normal mode only by default (see docs).
vim-pad_0.7.zip 0.7 2012-05-13 7.0 Felipe Morales Releasing the changes in the devel branch. Most notably, the ability to sort the notes.
vim-pad_0.6.zip 0.6 2012-01-05 7.0 Felipe Morales Improved Windows compatibility.
vim-pad_0.5.3.zip 0.5.3 2011-11-11 7.0 Felipe Morales * Fixed mappings for the terminal version of vim.

* Updated documentation.
vim-pad-0.5.2.zip 0.5.2 2011-11-07 7.0 Felipe Morales * Created new mappings for the terminal, deprecated g:pad_custom_mappings.
* The cache isn't updated on searches anymore.
* Code cleanups and commenting.
vim-pad_0.5.1.zip 0.5.1 2011-11-04 7.0 Felipe Morales Some bugfixes and tweaks.
vim-pad_0.5.zip 0.5 2011-11-04 7.0 Felipe Morales Adding some caching, so there are less IO operations.
vim-pad-0.4.1.zip 0.4.1 2011-09-27 7.0 Felipe Morales Fixed some bugs that might affect new users.

Improved documentation.
vim-pad-0.4.zip 0.4 2011-09-25 7.0 Felipe Morales Updated highlighting.

Pressing enter after a search without matches will create a new note with the query in the first line.
vim-pad-0.3.2.zip 0.3.2 2011-09-25 7.0 Felipe Morales Several fixes and improvements.
vim-pad.zip 0.3.1 2011-09-25 7.0 Felipe Morales Several improvements and tweaks.
vim-pad_0.2.zip 0.2 2011-09-24 7.0 Felipe Morales Initial upload
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