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Python-mode-klen : python mode

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created by
Kirill Klenov
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Python-mode is a vim plugin that allows you to use the pylint, rope, pydoc library in vim to provide features like python code looking for bugs, refactoring and some other usefull things.

This plugin allow you create python code in vim very easily. There is no need to install the pylint or rope library on your system.

See screencast here: http://t.co/3b0bzeXA (sory for quality, this my first screencasting)

Python-mode on github: https://github.com/klen/python-mode
install details
Just copy the plugin folders into your ~/.vim directory.
Alternatively, if you are using pathogen, clone the plugin into your bundle folder.
Also you can see vim help. :help PythonMode

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
python-mode-0.8.1.zip 0.8.1 2014-06-11 7.0 Kirill Klenov * Pylama updated to version 3.3.2
* Get fold's expression symbol from &fillchars;
* Fixed error when setting g:pymode_breakpoint_cmd (expobrain);
* Fixed code running;
* Ability to override rope project root and .ropeproject folder
* Added path argument to `PymodeRopeNewProject` which skips prompt
* Disable `pymode_rope_lookup_project` by default
* Options added:
    'pymode_rope_project_root', 'pymode_rope_ropefolder'
python-mode-0.7.8b.zip 0.7.8b 2013-12-05 7.0 Kirill Klenov bugfix 0.7.6b
python-mode-0.7.6b.zip 0.7.6b 2013-12-04 7.0 Kirill Klenov * Update indentation support;
    * Python3 support;
    * Removed pymode modeline support;
    * Disabled async code checking support;
    * Fixed a lot of bugs;
    * Options changes:
        'pymode_doc_key' -> 'pymode_doc_bind'
        'pymode_run_key' -> 'pymode_run_bind'
        'pymode_breakpoint_key' -> 'pymode_breakpoint_bind'
        'pymode_breakpoint_template' -> 'pymode_breakpoint_cmd'
        'pymode_lint_write' -> 'pymode_lint_on_write'
        'pymode_lint_onfly' -> 'pymode_lint_on_fly'
        'pymode_lint_checker' -> 'pymode_lint_checkers'
        'pymode_lint_minheight' -> 'pymode_quickfix_minheight'
        'pymode_lint_maxheight' -> 'pymode_quickfix_maxheight'
        'pymode_rope_autocomplete_map' -> 'pymode_rope_completion_bind'
        'pymode_rope_enable_autoimport' -> 'pymode_rope_autoimport'

    * Options removed:
        'pymode_lint_hold', 'pymode_lint_config', 'pymode_lint_jump',
        'pymode_lint_signs_always_visible', 'pymode_rope_extended_complete',
        'pymode_rope_auto_project', 'pymode_rope_autoimport_generate',
        'pymode_rope_autoimport_underlines', 'pymode_rope_codeassist_maxfixes',
        'pymode_rope_sorted_completions', 'pymode_rope_extended_complete',
        'pymode_rope_confirm_saving', 'pymode_rope_global_prefix',
        'pymode_rope_local_prefix', 'pymode_rope_vim_completion', 'pymode_rope_guess_project',
        'pymode_rope_goto_def_newwin', 'pymode_rope_always_show_complete_menu'

    * Options added:
        'pymode_rope_regenerate_on_write', 'pymode_rope_completion', 'pymode_rope_complete_on_dot',

    * Commands added:

    * Commands changed:
        'PyDoc' -> 'PymodeDoc'
        'Pyrun' -> 'PymodeRun'
        'PyLintToggle' -> 'PymodeLintToggle'
        'PyLint' -> 'PymodeLint'
        'PyLintAuto' -> 'PymodeLintAuto'
        'RopeOpenProject' -> 'PymodeRopeNewProject'
        'RopeUndo' -> 'PymodeRopeUndo'
        'RopeRedo' -> 'PymodeRopeRedo'
        'RopeRenameCurrentModule' -> 'PymodeRopeRenameModule'
        'RopeModuleToPackage' -> 'PymodeRopeModuleToPackage'
        'RopeGenerateAutoimportCache' -> 'PymodeRopeRegenerate'
        'RopeOrgamizeImports' -> 'PymodeRopeAutoImport'

    * Commands removed:
        'PyLintCheckerToggle', 'RopeCloseProject', 'RopeProjectConfig',
        'RopeRename', 'RopeCreate<...>', 'RopeWriteProject', 'RopeRename',
        'RopeExtractVariable', 'RopeExtractMethod', 'RopeInline', 'RopeMove',
        'RopeRestructure', 'RopeUseFunction', 'RopeIntroduceFactory',
        'RopeChangeSignature', 'RopeMoveCurrentModule',
        'RopeGenerate<...>', 'RopeAnalizeModule', 'RopeAutoImport',
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