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Tagma Buffer Manager : Simple Buffer Manager

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created by
Lorance Stinson
script type
Simple Buffer Manager similar to Mini Buffer Explorer and others. The
interface and code is kept as simple as possible. Several ideas are borrowed
from Mini Buffer Explorer but all code is original.

GitHub Home: https://github.com/LStinson/TagmaBufMgr


Smaller code base and as little code run on updates as possible. For example
the modification check that is performed after the |CursorHold| interval tries
to bail out as fast as possible if there is no change to the modification

As much information as possible is cached for each buffer. This allows some
updates to perform very few actions. Unfortunately there are rare cases where
this causes stale data to display in the Buffer Window. Using the Manager
Refresh or switching to the Manager Window clears this data.

Addition to the Right-Click PopUp menu. Menu items are added to toggle the
Manager Window, Refresh the Manager Window and switch to each buffer.

Tool tips for the buffers listed in the Manager Window.
The Tool Tips display the following lines:
* Buffer name and number. Also flags the current buffer.
* Full file name, truncated with '~' for home where possible.
* The file type and format.
* Notes if the buffer is Modified or Readonly

Preserves the window history. This allows the command <C-W>p to work as

I welcome any and all feedback. Please contact me at LoranceStinson AT Gmail....
Please be sure to put TagmaBufMgr in the subject so I know what you are emailing about.
install details
Copy the files to your ~/.vim or ~/vimfiles directory.
If using a package manager like pathogen place the whole directory in the bundle directory.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
TagmaBufMgr.zip 0.5 2012-02-02 7.0 Lorance Stinson Fixed several display and update bugs. Corrected an ongoing issue that caused the Buffer Manager Window to be the wrong size and not render if the directory changed.
TagmaBufMgr.zip 0.4 2012-01-13 7.0 Lorance Stinson Corrected a problem that caused buffers that should be hidden from being displayed. This affected plugins like Project, TagList and NERD_Tree.
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