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Word Fuzzy Completion : A word fuzzy completion plugin for vim.

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created by
Jonatan Anauati
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URL: https://github.com/jaanauati/vim-wordfuzzycompletion-plugin

A word fuzzy completion plugin for vim.

+python vim support.

Just dowload the file `wordfuzzycompletion.vim` into ~/.vim/plugins and restart vim.

Use mode:

Put vim in insert mode and then you start typing, when you typed a part of a
word press either  Ctrl-x Ctrl-u or Ctrl-k to see the list of similar words in
the current buffer and select one.

If there are just one result, then the typed word is replaced.

  Suppose that your buffer contains above text:
  1 The simpsons
  2 Futurama
  3 Back to the Future.
  4 Features
  1) type
  sminsons<press Ctrl-k>
  word must be changed to:
  2) type
  smi<press Ctrl-k>
  word must be changed to:
  3) type
  furure<press Ctrl-k>
  word must be changed to:
  4) type
  Furu<press Ctrl-k>
  so, must be showed a list of similar words:
NOTE: as it is the first version of plugin there are some bugs, so, you are
wellcome either to report them to me or fix them!.
install details
Just dowload the file `wordfuzzycompletion.vim` into ~/.vim/plugins and restart vim.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
vim-wordfuzzycompletion-plugin-v0.7.zip 0.7 2011-12-29 7.0 Jonatan Anauati Bugfix in the startup variables. The plugin is working fine again.
vim-wordfuzzycompletion-plugin-v0.6.zip 0.6 2011-12-25 7.0 Jonatan Anauati Added customization variable.
Better documentation.
vim-wordfuzzycompletion-plugin-v0.5.zip 0.5 2011-12-23 7.0 Jonatan Anauati Solves problems when user has typed words with the underscore char (for example: 'the_').
vim-wordfuzzycompletion-plugin-v0.4.zip 0.4 2011-12-23 7.0 Jonatan Anauati Right now the underscore char ('_') is interpreted as a word part.
vim-wordfuzzycompletion-plugin-v0.3.zip 0.3 2011-12-22 7.0 Jonatan Anauati Initial upload
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