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python_match.vim : Extend the % motion and define g%, [%, and ]% motions for Python files

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created by
Benji Fisher
script type
This script redefines the % motion so that (in addition to its usual behavior)
it cycles through if/elif/else, try/except/catch, for/continue/break, and
while/continue/break structures.  The script also
defines g% to cycle in the opposite direction.  Two other motions, [% and ]%,
go to the start and end of the current block, respectively.

All of these motions should work in Normal, Visual, and Operator-pending
modes.  For example, d]% should delete (characterwise) until the end of the
current block; v]%d should do the same, going through Visual mode so that
you can see what is being deleted; and V]%d makes it linewise.
install details
Copy the file to your ftplugin/ directory.  If, for some reason, you want to
change the name of the file, copy it to ftplugin/python/ or :source it from
ftplugin/python.vim .

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
python_match.vim 0.5 2003-10-02 6.0 Benji Fisher I added support for for and while loops:  % and g% go between the start of the block and either break or continue lines.

I reorganized the code and made several minor improvements.  For example, [% and ]% now accept a count,  `` goes back to where you started, and g% does nothing (insteadof acting like the default %) if the cursor starts on a line that does not begin with a recognized key word.
python_match.vim 0.4 2002-08-16 6.0 Benji Fisher Initial upload
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