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scratch utility : A simple utility to create scratch buffers

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created by
Abhilash Koneri
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This is a simple plugin that creates a scratch buffer for your
vim session and helps to access it when you need it.  
If you like the custom mapping provided in the script - hitting
<F8> should create a new scratch buffer. You can do your scribes
here and if you want to get rid of it, hit <F8> again. If you want to
get back to the scratch buffer hit <F8> again.
install details
This script will only work on Vim 6.0 and higher. Just dump the script in your plugin directory and let vim do the rest!

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
scratch.vim 0.7 2005-10-05 6.0 Abhilash Koneri Includes VimLeavePre hook to dump the contents of the scratch buffer to a file before exiting.  Set the global variable g:scratchBackupFile to a file path to enable the feature. See comments in the plugin file.

(Once again , Thanks to Hari Krishna Dara (hari_vim at yahoo dot com) for the useful enhancement!)
scratch.vim 0.6 2005-07-17 6.0 Abhilash Koneri Fixes a bug in the script that does not handle the scratch buffer deleted using :bwipeout!  This version simply re-creates the an empty buffer.
scratch.vim 0.5 2003-11-03 6.0 Abhilash Koneri Included the (yet another) patch sent by Hari Krishna Dara. This patch adds extra escapes when shellslash is set (Unix shells).

Thanks Hari!
scratch.vim 0.4 2003-02-17 6.0 Abhilash Koneri Changed the scratch buffer name to [scratch] (from the ghastly -scratch-). Thanks to Hari Krishna Dara once again!
scratch.vim 0.3 2003-01-09 6.0 Abhilash Koneri Friendlier key mappings. Hitting F8 should create , hide and navigate to the scratch buffer during a vim session. Thanks to Hari Krishna Dara for enhancing the script.
scratch.vim 0.2 2002-11-20 6.0 Abhilash Koneri Add more friendly mappings. Thanks to Charles E. Campbell for his suggestions. The old mappings were removed. The defaults now use <F8> to open the scratch buffer and <s-F8> to close the buffer
scratch.vim 0.1 2002-10-30 6.0 Abhilash Koneri Fixed the problem with opening scratch buffer -- Thanks to Thomas Regner <regner@dievision.de> for spotting the problem
scratch.vim 0.0 2002-08-17 6.0 Abhilash Koneri Initial upload
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