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toggle_comment : To Toggle Comment of single/multiple lines of code

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farid smai
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A small plugin to comment, un-comment or toggle one or more lines in both normal and visual mode.

** Usage **
In normal or visual mode:
    q to toggle comment
    shift-q to force comment
    alt-q to force un-comment

Also avaible in command mode:
    Ct to toggle comment
    Cc to force comment
    Cu to force un-comment
These 3 commands are compatible with range and global (:g)

** Examples **
'yyqp' : duplicate and comment an uncommented line
'vjq' : when two lines are [1 commented/1 un-commented], switch the state of each line
':g!/toto/Cc' : comment all lines which not contain 'toto'

** Remarks **
- The plugin will check the option "&filetype" and the variable "b:current_syntax" to know how to comment the file.
- "echo &filetype" or "echo b:current_syntax" will give you the name of the syntax of the opened file.
- Add a new syntax to the script (or change the default behavior) is very very simple (add only one line), so don't hesitate to adapt the script.
-  For languages like fortran where the rest of the line should not be disturbed by the comment symbol, don't forget to add a line to "s:comment_in_place".
install details
copy script to ~/.vim/plugin

I am not sure but, since instructions in the script are quite simple, I think that this plugin must be compatible with older vim versions.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
toggle_comment.vim 1.7 2013-02-12 7.0 farid smai fix bug with c-style comments : last search was replaced by a dummy search ; now last search is preserved.
toggle_comment.vim 1.6 2012-02-13 7.0 farid smai - fix bugs due to some comment symbols that end with one or more sapce ('\s')
toggle_comment.vim 1.5 2012-02-13 7.0 farid smai - improve the mechanism to find the "comment symbol". Now, we also use the "&comments" and "&commentstring" options if the "comment symbol" is not defined internarly.
toggle_comment.vim 1.3 2012-01-31 7.0 farid smai - add command compatible with range
- change to make command compatible with ':g'
- change map because ctrl-q is not compatible with terminal
toggle_comment.vim 1.2 2012-01-30 7.0 farid smai fix big trouble on some OS
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