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TagmaLast : Update the 'Last Changed' line in a file

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created by
Lorance Stinson
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This plugin updates the 'Last Changed' line in a file. This can be done
automatically if g:TagmaLastAutoUpdate is set. The pattern to search for and
the timestamp format can be set. When making the update :updatejoin can be
used to join the change to the previous change. This allows :undo to undo
both changes. This is controlled by g:TagmaLastUseUndoJoin.

The 'Last Changed' line is matched by a regexp set in
g:TagmaLastSearchRegexp. This allows any desired format to be matched.

The command UpdateLast manually updates the 'Last Changed' line.
This is mapped to <Leader>UL by default. (<Leader> is normally "\")

The commands TagmaLastDisable and TagmaLastEnable disable and
enable automatic updates of the 'Last Changed' line, respectively.

The timestamp that is used is set by g:TagmaLastTimeFormat.
Defaults to "%a %b %d %I:00 %p %Y %Z".
On Windows "%Z" for the time zone defaults to the full name, not the
three letter abbreviation. This is detected and corrected resulting in
time zones always being the three letter abbreviation.
install details
Copy the files to your ~/.vim or ~/vimfiles directory.
If using a package manager like pathogen place the whole directory in the bundle directory.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
TagmaLast.zip 0.2 2012-02-17 7.0 Lorance Stinson Corrected an error when TagmaLastAutoUpdate is enabled. Added <Plug> mappings for TagmaLastDisable and TagmaLastEnable to allow easy key mappings. Changed broken timezone detection to only be performed once during startup.
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