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EasyColour : Colour Schemes made Easy!

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Al Budden
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This plugin makes it really easy to create your own colour scheme for Vim.  You don't need to understand Vim script and you can base your colour scheme on an existing one if you like.

For colour schemes written entirely with EasyColour, the plugin automatically handles details like:

* Working with limited numbers of colours (the nearest available colour is automatically found for 8, 16 and 256 colour terminals);
* Changing the background colour: define your colour scheme with (say) a dark background with light foreground colours, set the 'LightAuto' flag and EasyColour will automatically choose some dark foreground colours to work with a light background.

Why write a colour scheme like this:

    let colors_name = "mycolourscheme"
    hi Normal guibg=DarkBlue guifg=White ctermbg=4
    hi Statement ctermfg=3 ctermbg=6 gui=undercurl guifg=Yellow guibg=#f6e8d0 guisp=Red
    hi Keyword guifg=White guibg=DarkBlue ctermfg=0 ctermbg=4
    hi Comment guifg=SeaGreen ctermfg=2 gui=Bold cterm=bold

when you can write it like this:


with all of the styles automatically highlighted (when you save) so you can see what the colours look like?

I've ported my 'Bandit' colour scheme from the previous (already customised!) format into EasyColour now: it's included in the distribution as an example of a fairly advanced colour scheme.

More details on the website: http://www.cgtk.co.uk/vim-scripts/easycolour
install details
Use pathogen!

Alternatively, unzip into your vimfiles directory or read the instructions in the included doc/EasyColour.txt.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
easycolour_r1.1.1.zip r1.1.1 2012-03-07 7.0 Al Budden Added copy of rgb.txt to the distribution.
easycolour_r1.1.0.zip r1.1.0 2012-02-24 7.0 Al Budden Added support for custom colour definitions (the 'Colours' section).  Added support for linking highlight groups together (with the @ symbol). Now allow multiple highlight groups on the left of the ':'.
easycolour_r1.0.0.zip r1.0.0 2012-02-23 7.0 Al Budden Initial upload
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