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vim less : less support for vim

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created by
Kong Xiangpeng
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I just try my best to enhance this script as follows:
1) better syntax highlight.
2) indent support (just use the css indent file is enough actually. >.<).
3) auto compile file.less to file.css, and echo any errors if you have lessc installed.

The script is now available on github. https://github.com/KohPoll/vim-less.git

I just begin to use less(http://lesscss.org). It can help us to write css more productivity.
But I just can not find a less syntax file for vim, so I wrote a simple one.
I am just new to vim, and this is the very first script for vim I've written.
Just take your decision.
install details
If you have pathogen(http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=2332) install, just cd to your vim configuration folder(~/.vim/bundle/, or PATH-OF-VIM/vimfiles/bundle/),and execute git clone https://github.com/KohPoll/vim-less.git
If you do not, then download it, unzip it, and copy all this stuffs into the correspond folders.of your vim configuration folder(that means ~/.vim/, on windows, it may be PATH-OF-VIM/vimfiles/).

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
vim-less.zip 2.1 2012-08-04 7.0 Kong Xiangpeng enhance the mixin syntax definition to support the less 'guard expression' feature.
vim-less.zip 2.0 2012-08-03 7.0 Kong Xiangpeng enhance many stuff. better syntax highlight, indent support, auto compile less file when saving.
less.vim 1.1 2012-04-21 7.0 Kong Xiangpeng My fault. I did not pay attention to the filetype.This verson convert the filetype to unix(not dos).
less.vim 1.0 2012-03-12 7.0 Kong Xiangpeng Initial upload
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