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showmarks2 : bookmark works like MS utilities

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created by
john kim
script type
^F2: toggle a bookmark at cursor
F2: goto next bookmark
shift-F2:goto previous bookmark
^shift-F2: clear all bookmark
the rest: the same as before

copied from showmarks.vim, and then changed.
I am a week old with vim. The status is crude, but works fine (Windows).

Thanks for reading!
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drop in plugin directory.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
showmarks2.vim 1.5 2012-03-30 7.0 john kim Cleaned up, a little further going away from the org ShowMarks.
I feel strange problems have gone, though not tested much.
At least, the code is legible now; You and I can fix something.
Please, write to me, if you find it is useful/need fix/etc.
showmarks2.vim 1.4 2012-03-26 7.0 john kim Tested on Ubuntu.
Fix / added "autochdir" to place _session & _viminfo in the current working directory.
Added F11 = SaveSession()
I might have committed this file in "utility" type.
showmarks2.vim 1.3 2012-03-22 7.0 john kim Fixed the highlights disappearing after auto loading info (Something eats it up?)
Enabled auto-loading/auto-saving; See the comment (in line) about how to setup this on Win-XP.
-. I see error message about "viminfo" not found, for the first round, depending on setup. Please, would you fix it for me?
Added/changed F12; "SaveSessionAs()". It would be nice to have "default path at no entry". Would you please add that?
Sorry, but I have not tried this on Ubuntu, yet. Perhaps, I will finish here, until test it on Ubuntu.

showmarks2.vim 1.2 2012-03-21 7.0 john kim Fixed cursor jumping after marking using 'm'.
Extended ShowMarks() function to outside, for the reason below.
Added example of auto session/marks loading/saving (I have them in _vimrc).
Thanks to the vim community!
showmarks2.vim 1.1 2012-03-21 7.0 john kim Someone liked to have <F2> keys mapped already, so be it.
BTW, are you getting good contrast for the highlights?
showmarks2.vim 1 2012-03-21 7.0 john kim Initial upload
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