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instant-markdown.vim : Real-time Markdown previews from Vim!

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Suan Yeo
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Want to instantly preview finnicky markdown files, but don't want to leave your favorite editor, or have to do it in some crappy browser textarea? vim-instant-markdown is your friend! When you open a markdown file in vim, a browser window will open which shows the compiled markdown in real-time, and closes once you close the file in vim.

As a bonus, github-flavored-markdown is supported, and styles used while previewing are the same as those github uses!

Supported platforms: OSX and Unix/Linuxes

To file bugs, feature requests, send patches, or to simply follow the development of instant-markdown, visit its project page at https://github.com/suan/vim-instant-markdown
install details
You first need to have node.js with npm installed.

[sudo] npm -g install instant-markdown-d

If you're using Linux, the xdg-utils package needs to be installed.

Download the script into ~/.vim/plugin

By default, vim-instant-markdown will update the display in realtime.  If that taxes your system too much, you can specify
    let g:instant_markdown_slow = 1
before loading the plugin (for example place that in your `~/.vimrc`). This will cause vim-instant-markdown to only refresh on the following events:
- No keys have been pressed for a while
- A while after you leave insert mode
- You save the file being edited

By default, vim-instant-markdown will automatically launch the preview window when you open a markdown file. If you want to manually control this behavior, you can specify
    let g:instant_markdown_autostart = 0
in your .vimrc. You can then manually trigger preview via the command :InstantMarkdownPreview. This command is only available inside markdown buffers and when the autostart option is turned off.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
instant-markdown.vim 0.0.7 2013-10-31 7.3 Suan Yeo ### 0.0.7 (10-31-2013)
thanks to @terryma!

- Added option to only start previewing markdown on demand
instant-markdown.vim 0.0.5 2012-12-06 7.3 Suan Yeo ### 0.0.5 (12-05-2012)
These changes are _also_ courtesy of @chreekat!

- Plugin no longer breaks vim mouse scrolling
- No longer errors upon opening an empty markdown file
- `instant_markdown_slow` option to update preview less frequently
instant-markdown.vim 0.0.4 2012-12-05 7.3 Suan Yeo ### 0.0.3 (04-26-2012)
Some changes for this release were made in the backend. Do `[sudo] npm -g update instant-markdown-d` to get them.

- Delay starting the `instant-markdown-d` server. This fixed the plugin for a few people who were getting empty browser windows.
- Display a message with configuration instructions when the preview window can't be closed due to Firefox restrictions.

### 0.0.4 (12-05-2012)
All these changes courtesy of @chreekat, THANKS!

- Is now an `after/ftplugin` plugin. Markdown filetype detection is left to Vim itself, or other plugins.
- Behavior when multiple markdown files are open has been improved
- No more weird characters taking over the status/command bar while editing
- Internals have been completely rewritten and are much more cleaner and adhere to vim script best practices
instant-markdown.vim 0.0.2 2012-03-29 7.0 Suan Yeo Initial upload
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