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HyperList : Everything. Concise and precise. Outliner, organizer, brainstormer, project mgmt

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Geir Isene
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Outliner, todo-list, process description, project management, password encryption handler, idea organizer, logic tool, mind map... or for any number of different usages. Your imagination is (almost) the only limit. HyperList can be used to describe any state or transition - anything from simple shopping and todo lists to large project plans, process design, the human history, the human DNA or the whole universe. HyperList is a methodology to describe anything in plain text (see http://isene.org/hyperlist/). With HyperList, descriptions become simple, easily readable, concise and precise.

This VIM plugin makes it easy to create and manage HyperLists using VIM. This is one of the most feature-rich VIM plugins ever created. Github repo: https://github.com/isene/hyperlist.vim

The plugin includes a large range of features such as:

* Automatically recognize files with the extension ".hl"
* Syntax highlighting of every HyperList element
* Syntax highlighting of bold, italics and underline (using *word*, /word/ and _word_)
* Automatic underlining of State or Transition items in a list
* Collapse and uncollapse parts of a HyperList
* Syntax highlighting of folded parts of a list
* Set a specific fold level to unfold items down to that level
* Linking/referencing between elements (items) in a list
* Easy navigation in lists, including jumping to references
* Easy navigation to elements that needs filling out (when you use a list as a template)
* Open referenced file under cursor using (g)VIM or external program (user definable)
* Autonumbering of items and sub-items (children) and renumbering of visually selected items
* Sorting a visually selected set of items (while letting the children stay with their parents
* Create and toggle checkboxes, even with a time stamp for completion
* Show/hide of words or regex patterns
* "Presentation mode" that folds everything but the current item
* Highlighting of the current item and its children
* Encrypt and decrypt whole lists or parts of a list
* Autoencrypt/decrypt files that has a file name starting with a dot
* Export a HyperList to HTML, LaTeX or TPP formats
* Transfer all items tagged with future dates/times to a Google calendar
* Show the complexity level of a HyperList
* Description on how to include HyperLists within other filetypes, taking full advantage of the above features when including a HyperList in e.g. a normal .txt document
* Menus with submenus for gVIM users
* ... and there are many more features. Check out the comprehensive documentation (type ":help HyperList" in VIM after install)

For a complete tutorial, go through the file HyperListTutorialAndTestSuite.hl in the documentation folder (~/.vim/doc/HyperListTutorialAndTestSuite.hl). This file also serves as a complete test suite for releases of this plugin.

This VIM plugin is the continuation of the now deprecated WOIM plugin (http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=2518)

There is virtually no limit to what you can use HyperLists for. Contact me at g @ isene . com if you have any questions or suggestions, or if you just want to have a chat about HyperList (or any other things that are cool & interesting). See http://isene.org for more of my work.
install details
Download hyperlist.vmb. Then do:

vim hyperlist.vmb
:so %

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
hyperlist.vmb 2.5 2023-08-30 7.0 Geir Isene Included Substitutions (the reason for the HyperList 2.5 upgrade)
hyperlist.vmb 2.4.7 2023-08-23 7.0 Geir Isene Fixed bugs in LaTeX conversion & ogther minor glitches.
hyperlist.vmb 2.4.6 2023-03-01 7.0 Geir Isene Added "/" to Operators to cater for "AND/OR:"
Bugfix of autoencryption
hyperlist.vmb 2.4.5 2021-05-16 7.0 Geir Isene Fixed Neovim compatibility issues
hyperlist.vmb 2.4.4 2020-08-06 7.0 Geir Isene Refactoring (thanks to Nick Jensen [nickspoons] for guidance.
hyperlist.vmb 2.4.3 2020-08-01 7.0 Geir Isene Several important upgrades under the hood. Programs for opening files in references can now be set by the user by setting the global variables in vimrc:
g:wordprocessingprogram = "", g:spreadsheetprogram = "", g:presentationprogram = "", g:imageprogram = "", g:pdfprogram = "", g:browserprogram = ""
hyperlist.vmb 2.4.2 2020-07-23 7.0 Geir Isene Quickfix: C-SPACE now maps to zA (toggles fold recursively)
Several bugfixes in the HTML conversion
hyperlist.vmb 2.4.1 2019-10-06 7.0 Geir Isene Updated to be compatible with HyperList definition v. 2.4
Included full tutorial/test suite (thanks to Don Kelley).
Improved LaTeX export.
Improved GotoRef() (mapped to 'gr' and '<CR>'). GotoRef() now also opens files if the format is <file:...>. GotoRef() handles the new relative references like <+2> and <-5>.
Some other minor changes and clean-ups of the documentation.
hyperlist.vmb 2.3.17 2019-08-15 7.0 Geir Isene Significant release:
Added a GVIM menu. Full rework of the color schemes for VIM & gVIM.
Improvement to Goto Reference (gr) and Autonumbering and more.
Several minor changes and improvement in the docs.
Thanks to Don Kelley for suggestions and for extensive testing.
hyperlist.vmb 2.3.16 2019-08-04 7.0 Geir Isene Improved the CalendarAdd functionality to include the item and all its children in the event description and the filename in the header for easy reference.
hyperlist.vmb 2.3.15 2019-08-01 7.0 Geir Isene Added function CalendarAdd to add items with future dates as events to your Google calendar (requires gcalcli - https://github.com/insanum/gcalcli) - mapped to <leader>G
hyperlist.vmb 2.3.14 2019-05-19 7.0 Geir Isene Added the feature to highlight/focus the current part of a HyperList (toggles with <leader>h)
hyperlist.vmb 2.3.13 2018-10-24 7.0 Geir Isene Added function Renumber() to (re)number items on same indent (using <leader>R in visual mode)
hyperlist.vmb 2.3.12 2018-06-18 7.0 Geir Isene Minor fix to bold/italics/underlined elements
hyperlist.vmb 2.3.11 2018-02-23 7.0 Geir Isene Added TPP conversion (info on TPP: https://github.com/cbbrowne/tpp). Pressing <leader>T now converts the HyperList into a basic TPP presentation.
hyperlist.vmb 2.3.10 2018-02-13 7.0 Geir Isene Prettified LaTeX output ( <leader>L )
hyperlist.vmb 2.3.9 2018-01-26 7.0 Geir Isene Fixed bugs in LaTeX & HTML conversion (to accept space in refs)
hyperlist.vmb 2.3.8 2017-10-27 7.0 Geir Isene Added a sorting function: vmap <leader>s
To sort a set of items at a specific indentation, visually select (V) the
items you want to sort (including all the children of those items) and press
<leader>s and the items in the range will be alphabetically sorted - but only
the items on the same level/indentation as the first item selected. The sorted
items will keep their children. This is useful if parts of a HyperList is
numbered and you get the numbering out of sequence and wants to resort them.
One caveat, the last line in the selection cannot be the very last line in
the document (there must be an item or an empty line below it).
hyperlist.vmb 2.3.7 2017-08-11 7.0 Geir Isene Autonumbering now works also with numbers ending in a period (both 4.2.1 and 4.2.1. now works for <cr>, <c-t> and <c-d>).
hyperlist.vmb 2.3.6 2017-06-17 7.0 Geir Isene Added basic autonumbering (with <leader># or <leader>an)

<leader># or <leader>an toggles autonumbering of new items (the previous item must be numbered for the next item to be autonumbered). An item is indented to the right with <c-t>, adding one level of numbering. An item is indented to the left with <c-d>, removing one level of numbering and increasing the number by one. Thanks to Jerry Antosh for the suggestion and for testing.

hyperlist.vmb 2.3.5 2017-01-16 7.0 Geir Isene Added the function Complexity() to give a complexity score for a HyperList
hyperlist.vmb 2.3.4 2016-09-05 7.0 Geir Isene Fixed opening/editing of default files opened via 'gf' (calling the OpenFile function)
hyperlist.vmb 2.3.3 2016-07-26 7.0 Geir Isene Fixed bug in install package.
hyperlist.vmb 2.3.2 2016-06-30 7.0 Geir Isene Added functionality to Show/Hide of words under cursor/regex pattern. Taken from VIM script #1594 (thanks to Amit Sethi).
hyperlist.vba 2.3.1 2015-06-30 7.0 Geir Isene Added the function OpenFile() to open referenced file (mapped to 'gf')
Use \"gf\" to open the file under the cursor. Graphic files are opened in \"feh\", pdf files in \"zathura\" and MS/OOO docs in \"LibreOffice\". Other filetypes are opened in VIM for editing. All this can be changed by editing the function OpenFile() in the file \"hyperlist.vim\".
hyperlist.vba 2.3 2015-02-13 7.0 Geir Isene Updated plugin to HyperList definition version 2.3.
Made the changes necessary to accommodate for Twitter-type (hash)Tags.
New markup for References (and included \"@\" in references).
Fixed bold/italic/underlined.
Changed the Change Markup.
Updated Latex/HTML conversion.
Updated documentation.
hyperlist.vba 2.1.7 2012-10-17 7.0 Geir Isene Changes:      Fixed bugs in Identifier and Multi. Cosmetic fixes.
hyperlist.vba 2.1.6 2012-10-15 7.0 Geir Isene The Outliner / MindStructure / Logicizer / UniverseMapper / CoffeeMaker just got better:
Fixed the GotoRef function (mapped to "gr" and "<CR>")
hyperlist.vba 2.1.5 2012-10-13 7.0 Geir Isene   Added "zx" as a command to update folding (to update syntax).
  Added <CR> as an alternative to gr (Goto Ref).
  Added a mark (m') to gr/<CR> to facilitate easy jump back.
  Speed-up. Also added a global variable that can be set if you don't want the
  collapse functions active, set this: ("g:disable_collapse") - it will
  considerably speed up large HyperListS.
  Fixed syntax highlighting for the first line in a HyperList.
  Documentation updates.
hyperlist.vba 2.1.3 2012-09-23 7.0 Geir Isene Changes:
Included more accented characters.
Speedup; Adjusted minimum and maximum lines of sync'ing.
Fixed identifiers.
hyperlist.vba 2.1.2 2012-07-07 7.0 Geir Isene Important security upgrade: Removed traces of encrypted data upon en/decrypting (part of) a HyperList.
hyperlist.vba 2.1.1 2012-04-28 7.0 Geir Isene New HyperList version (2.1) with important changes (see http://isene.com/hyperlist.pdf)

Upgraded plugin to reflect the new Hyperlist version (2.1)
hyperlist.vba 2.1 2012-04-16 7.0 Geir Isene Better syntax highlighting for folds (both term & gui and both for dark and light backgrounds).
Added "sync minlines/maxlines" settings to be changed for slow computers.
hyperlist.vba 2.0 2012-04-05 7.0 Geir Isene Initial upload
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