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Xdebug : An awesome debugging client for Vim, Xdebug and PHP

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Jon Cairns
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*NOTICE:* This plugin has been superseded by my newer multi-language debugger client, Vdebug. I strongly recommend using that one instead: vimscript #4170

This is YET another version of the DBGP client script that Seung Woo Shin created (see http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=1152). The reason I've added this as a new script is because I've added enough new features to warrant it. Here's a few of the best:

- The debugger session opens in a new tab, so that your carefully configured windows don't get messed up. When you end the session the whole tab closes.
- The watch window now clears each time a new request is made, so that it doesn't get confusing.
- Do a quick eval on expressions under visual selection (with <Leader>e in visual mode).
- If the maximum depth is reached on an array or object in the watch window, hit <CR> (return key) and the contents will be inserted inline - great for searching deeper, and deeper, and deeper...
- Better code folding in the watch window.
- ...

To see a list of all the changes, view the github repository at https://github.com/joonty/vim-xdebug.

For a description of how to configure the environment, see Timothy Madding's great description on his version of the script at http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=4009.
install details
(Excerpt from Timothy Madden's script page)

Unpack the .zip archive into the directory:

    %USERPROFILE%\vimfiles                 (on Windows)
    $HOME/.vim                                         (on Linux/Unix/...)

The %USERPROFILE% directory on Windows is usually:
         C:\Documents and Settings\_User_Name\

You may also use the system plugin directory for vim on your system if you want to install for all users.

This will just install the two files debugger.vim and debugger.py (no documentation file included) and will directly map the <F5> key to start a debugging session (or continue running the debugged script), and also a few other keys for debugging (F2, F3, F4 - step into, step over, step out;  <F11> - get list of script variables in the current context).

You may wish to map <C-M-Up> and <C-M-Down> keys (Alt+Ctrl+Up-Arrow, Alt+Ctrl+Down-Arrorw) to the :Up and :Dn commands, to navigate the call stack of your php script with them. However the eval ,e command may only use variables from the context of the innermost (nested) stack frame.

As mentioned above you also need python2, php with XDebug extension, Vim with +python  and +signs features and the browser extension (plug-in) for XDebug.

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xdebug.tar.gz 1.0 2012-05-18 7.0 Jon Cairns Initial upload
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