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burnttoast256 : A dark color scheme for 256-color terminals that I find easily readable.

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created by
Francois Labelle
script type
color scheme
Github: https://github.com/quantum-omega/vim-burnttoast256

This is the color theme I made for myself as I prefer to work on a dark background, namely black, without text that is too bright while still keeping a good contrast.  I based it heavily on http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=2140 and if you don't like my scheme you might like his. Check it out.

It includes colors for the normal text, the cursor and cursor line and column, search, status line, selection, line numbers, etc., as well as colors for syntax highlighting, diff mode, and some others.

The color scheme should be exactly the same in gvim but hasn't been tested for readability in gvim recently. Requires version 7.3+, as it has colors for "CursorLineNr", but it probably will work on previous versions without any problems.
install details
To install, just put the file `colors/burntoast256.vim` in your `~/.vim/colors` folder and add to your .vimrc:
    colorscheme burnttoast256

After `call vundle#begin()`, place:

    Plugin 'quantum-omega/vim-burnttoast256', { 'name': 'burnttoast256' }

After `call vundle#end()`, place:

    colorscheme burnttoast256

In Vim, run:


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package script version date Vim version user release notes
vim-burnttoast256-1.4.zip 1.4 2020-12-12 7.0 Francois Labelle Fixes a few inconsistencies between terminal and GUI colors.
vim-burnttoast256-1.3.zip 1.3 2020-11-17 7.3 Francois Labelle Small fixes, vundle-compatible
burnttoast256.vim 1.2 2012-05-18 7.3 Francois Labelle Initial upload
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