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GdbFromVim : This pluging lets you debug your applications with gdb from vim,

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Fernando Castillo
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    GdbFromVim requires Vim 7.3+ compiled with Python support.
    Python 2.6+
    Gdblib - https://github.com/skibyte/gdblib <-- MAKE SURE TO USE THE LAST gdblib VERSION!!!

You can obtain the latest GdbFromVim development version from : https://github.com/skibyte/gdb-from-vim

Setting the application to debug:  let g:gdb_from_vim_app = 'application'
Settings the arguments for the application: let g:gdb_from_vim_args = 'arguments'
Setting the gdb path let g:gdb_from_vim_path = '/usr/bin/gdb'

GdbFromVimRun:  This command starts the execution of the program.

GdbFromVimStep:  This commands steps into a function.

GdbFromVimNext:   This commands pass over a function.

GdbFromVimContinue: This command continues with the execution of the program, this command is also
used to start remote debugging.

GdbFromVimAddBreakpoint:  This command adds a breakpoint in the current line.

GdbFromVimDeleteBreakpoint:This command deletes the breakpoint specified by its number.

GdbFromVimDeleteAllBreakpoints: This command deletes all the breakpoints previously set.

GdbFromVimClear: This commands deletes the breakpoint in the current line.

GdbFromVimPrint: This command prints the value of a variable, it requires an argument, For example: GdbFromVimPrint point->x

GdbFromVimPrintBreakpoints:This command prints all the breakpoints set in the application, the values are printed in the quickfix list.

GdbFromVimTty: This command is used to redirect the IO to the specified tty passed as argument.

GdbFromVimClose: Closes the current gdb connection, this command might be used if you want to change the application to debug at runtime.

GdbFromVimRemote : This command is used to perform remote debugging, it receives as argument the
host and its port:


GdbFromVimSymbolFile : Adds the symbol file passed as argument to gdb.
install details
Extract the plugin and documentation in your vim installation

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
gdb_from_vim_0.7.2.tar.gz 0.7.2 2012-07-11 7.3 Fernando Castillo Added GdbFromVimRemote to perform remote debugging and GdbFromVimSymbolFile to load symbols
gdbfromvim.vim 0.7 2012-06-20 7.3 Fernando Castillo Added GdbFromVimContinue
Ask for program to debug if g:gdb_from_vim_app is not defined
gdbfromvim.vim 0.5 2012-06-17 7.3 Fernando Castillo Initial upload
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