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gdbmgr : vim interface to gdb

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Charles Campbell
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Gdbmgr supports a user-controllable multiple-tiled window interface to gdb, and does not need any external scripting support such as perl or python.  Try out the tutorial -- it contains seven examples with detailed instructions on how to compile the example code, run it, and use gdbmgr with it.

Using gdbgmgr is straightforward; you may start gdbmgr up from a running vim or, if you take the suggestion (:help gdbmgr-suggest), then attempting editing a program's binary will bring up gdbmgr with that program loaded.

  :DI programname...starts up gdbgmr with the given programname
  :DR [args]..............runs the program (with optional arguments)
  :DQ........................quit gdbmgr

Standard Windows:
By default at startup you'll have seven tiled windows in a tab:
  Netrw................: useful for bringing source code into the Source window and setting breakpoints and examining variables
  Messages........: shows messages issued by gdb
  Function Stack..: shows current function stack
  Source Window.: shows current source code
  Expr..................: enter expressions to be evaluated (ie. shows variable values)
  Breakpt.............: shows list of breakpoints
  Watchpoint........: shows list of watchpoints

Optional Windows:
Other available gdbmgr windows include:
  BufExplorer..: the buffer explorer shows its output here (see vimscript#42) - thanks to Jeff Lanzarotta for including some interface code!
  Commands..: enter commands to gdb via this window.  This window is stacked with the Source Window; ie. when you run your program, the commands window is displayed instead of the Source Window.
  Tags............: shows CtagExpl or HdrTag output (tags, hdrtags)
  Threads......: shows the results of gdb's \"info threads\" command

Foreign Apps:
  Gdbmgr provides an interface to various \"foreign apps\"; ie. vimscripts that are external to gdbmgr itself.  Currently, gdbmgr provides interfaces to:
  netrw   (built-in interface)

Installing gdbmgr:
Gdbmgr does not require perl, python, or any other external scripting support.  However, it does need to have forkpty() support compiled in; you can get this by configuring your vim to support perl, python, or modify vim's Makefile with EXTRA_LIBS = -lutil.

Read :help gdbmgr-install   for information on how to get your vim configured and compiled for gdbmgr.
Read :help gdbmgr-tutorial  to learn many of the details of using gdbmgr.  Examples are included!

stepping - continue
examining variable values (with ballooneval, simply point the mouse at the variable name in the source code)
function stack
examining core dumps
multiple-file source code programs supported

See gdbmgr's online documentation and examples at http://www.drchip.org/astronaut/vim/doc/gdbmgr.txt.html .

(alpha/beta version available at http://www.drchip.org/astronaut/vim/index.html#GDBMGR)
install details
* needs huge/large vim and linux
cd $HOME/.vim
mv [wherever]/gdbmgr.tar.gz .
gunzip gdbmgr.tar.gz
tar -xf gdbmgr.tar
:helptags ~/.vim/doc

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