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riv.vim : Take Notes in rst.

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Rykka f
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**Riv** is a vim plugin for taking notes with reStructuredText_.

.. figure:: https://github.com/Rykka/github_things/raw/master/image/rst_quick_start.gif

github: https://github.com/Rykka/riv.vim


First things first.

As there are some other note plugins in vim.
like vimwiki_, vim-notes_,  VOoM_ etc.

Also org-mode_ if you are Emacs fan.

**Why using this plugin?**

In comparition, the most advantage of **Riv.vim** is reStructuredText_ support.

    reStructuredText is a markup language.

    It's syntax are markdown_ alike, but more powerful and extensible, table, LaTex ect. are supported.

    It's widely used in python community. And have many relevent plugins. Sphinx_ (www.readthedocs.org) Pygments_, Nikola_, etc.

    There is a post of comparions between reStructuredText and markdown https://gist.github.com/dupuy/1855764

See More Intro on github: https://github.com/Rykka/riv.vim

install details
extract zip  to your vim dir


  ``Bundle 'Rykka/riv.vim'``

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
riv.vim-0.7.8.zip 0.7.8 2014-10-27 7.0 Rykka f use clickable.vim for links.
riv.vim-0.7.7.zip 0.7.7 2014-08-27 7.0 Rykka f Lots of new features.
See https://github.com/Rykka/riv.vim/blob/master/changelog.rst
riv.vim-master.zip 0.76 2014-08-06 7.0 Rykka f many bug fix and many features
riv.vim-0.73.zip 0.73 2012-10-19 7.0 Rykka f Rewrite command and menu. Add rst documents. Highlights improvement. Bug Fixed...
See details in https://github.com/Rykka/riv.vim/blob/master/doc/riv_log.rst
riv.vim-0.71.zip 0.71 2012-09-19 7.0 Rykka f File: DONE 2012-09-13 extension style show in vim only.
File: DONE 2012-09-13 now square style (moinmoin) use [[xxx]]. easier for regxp match
See details in https://github.com/Rykka/riv.vim#this
riv.vim-0.70.zip 0.70 2012-07-20 7.0 Rykka f   :Table_:  DONE 2012-07-17 7b407b4b_ a table parser of vim version.
  :Table_:  DONE 2012-07-17 7b407b4b_ rewrite the table actions.
  :Table_:  DONE 2012-07-18 a1f112d1_ add create table action.
  :Lists_:  FIXED 2012-07-19 fix list shifting with indent 0
  :Helpers_: DONE 2012-07-19 add folding to section helper
  :File_:   DONE 2012-07-21 improved link converting. add option
riv.vim-0.69.zip 0.69 2012-07-13 7.0 Rykka f   :Indent_: DONE 2012-07-07 8b2c4611_ Rewrite the indent for list and insert.
  :File_:   DONE 2012-07-07 dceab5c1_ Add File helper.
  :Document: DONE 2012-07-08 69e5a86e_ commit links
  :File_:   DONE 2012-07-08 a207e1e0_ Add Section helper.
  :Intro_:  DONE 2012-07-09 add Riv quickstart
  :Insert_: DONE 2012-07-13 rewrite and add options about ``i_tab``.
riv.vim-0.68.zip 0.68 2012-07-07 7.0 Rykka f     :Patterns:  DONE 2012-07-07 a2334f7b_ Rewrite the pattern and syntax patterns part.
    :Todos_:    DONE 2012-07-07 a2334f7b_ Rewrite todo and todo helper.Add Todo Priorities.
    :Syntax_:   DONE 2012-07-07 a2334f7b_ Cursor highlight will highlight the todo item
    :Syntax_:   DONE 2012-07-07 a2334f7b_ Cursor highlight will check it's valid file
    :Lists_:    DONE 2012-07-07 0a959662_ Add list types 0 ~ 4
    :Todos_:    DONE 2012-07-07 142b6c49_ Add Prior in helpr
riv.vim-0.66-1.zip 0.66-1 2012-07-01 7.0 Rykka f * DONE 2012-07-02 fix list: get_older get_parent
riv.vim-0.66.zip 0.66 2012-07-01 7.0 Rykka f   :Todos_:   DONE 2012-06-29 add field list for todo items.
  :Publish_: DONE 2012-06-29 Support the reStructuredText document not in a project.
  :Insert_:  DONE 2012-06-29 9229651d_ ``<Tab>`` and ``<S-Tab>``
             before list item will now shift the list.
  :Lists_:   DONE 2012-06-30 2b81464f_ bullet list will auto numbered when change to
             enumerated list.
  :Links_:   DONE 2012-06-30 69555b21_ Optimized link finding. Add email web link.
  :Links_:   DONE 2012-06-30 69555b21_ Add anonymous phase target and reference
             jumping and highlighting.
  :Highlighting_:   DONE 2012-07-01 4dc853c1_ fix doctest highlighting
  :Table_:   DONE 2012-07-01 38a8cebb_ Support simple table folding.
And More...
riv.vim-0.65.zip 0.65 2012-06-28 7.0 Rykka f   + DONE 2012-06-27 take care of the slash of directory in windows .
  + FIXED 2012-06-28 correct cursor position when creating todo items and list items.
  + FIXED 2012-06-28 link highlight group removed after open another buffer.
  + FIXED 2012-06-28 auto mkdir when write file to disk
  + DONE 2012-06-28 format the scratch index, sort with year/month/day
riv.vim-0.64.zip 0.64 2012-06-23 7.0 Rykka f
  + DONE 2012-06-23  README : rewrite intro/feature part
  + DONE 2012-06-24  Doc  : Help document from README.
  + DONE 2012-06-24  Menu : add and fix.
  + DONE 2012-06-24  A shortcut to add date and time.
  + FIXED 2012-06-23 Fold : table should not show an empty line in folding of lists.
    (nothing wrong, just indent it with the list.)
  + DONE 2012-06-23  Fold : the fold text should showing correct line while editing.
  + FIXED 2012-06-24 Fold : wrong end of section when fold_blank is 0.
riv.vim-0.63.zip 0.63 2012-06-22 7.0 Rykka f Initial upload
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