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Briofita : dark, colorful, highly customized scheme for gvim and 256-color terminals

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created by
Sergio Nobre
script type
color scheme
Briofita is a colorful dark background Vim colorscheme for both gvim (Vim GUI) and 256-colors terminals. It has MANY custom highlights and supports syntax coloring for several languages, utilities, plugins, tools...

Although heavier than common Vim colorschemes it runs smoothly on current computers.  I have been using it daily since its first version, for work, research and study.

Briofita colorscheme is fit for common, non-specialized usage but polished, colorful highlights are provided in support of authoring, writing, publishing (Asciidoc, Markdown, ...) and software development (java, javascript, julia, perl, python, ruby, haskell, lua, c/c++, shellscript, sql, css, HTML/XHTML, XML, csv, yaml, json, ...) including Vim-related development  (VimL / Vimscript, help authoring, customization of plugins highlights).

Development repository in Github:  https://github.com/sonobre/briofita_vim
install details

a. Download the zip file.

b. Unpack it. In the uncompressed directory you will get "colors", "autoload" and "doc" sub-directories.

c. If you do NOT use a bundle-based plugin (like Pathogen):
     1 copy the content of the "colors" directory into your ".vim/colors" directory;
     2 copy the content of the "doc" directory into your ".vim/doc" directory;
        restart Vim and do :helptags;
        do :help briofita, and read the help file to learn about Briofita;
     3 run command :colorscheme briofita to start the colorscheme;
     NOTE: if you use the Lightline statusline plugin it will automatically
                  scan the autoload directory and detect the briofita theme.

d. If you use Pathogen or other bundle-based plugin:
     1 create under your ".vim/bundle" directory a new directory, and name it "briofita";
        and copy the unzipped file tree under the ".vim/bundle/briofita" directory;
     2 restart Vim and do :Helptags (Pathogen command);
        do :help briofita, and read the help file to learn about Briofita;
     3 command :colorscheme briofita;

To uninstall, simply delete all the unzipped directory tree for Briofita from above mentioned directories.

If you want to install the colorscheme, but not the plugin follow
the above instructions "c.1" and "c.3" (or "d.1" and "d.3") and then just delete the plugin ("briofita-support.vim") from
the plugin sub-directory  and the help file ("briofita.txt") from the doc sub-directory.


perform a git clone operation so that you get a local copy of the github repository

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
briofita_v4.1.0.zip 4.1.0 2018-08-21 8.0 Sergio Nobre Few syntax coloring changes (enhancements). Small number of new highlights. Added two global variables for the user to skip internal setting of two Vim options.
briofita_v4.0.0.zip 4.0.0 2017-06-11 8.0 Sergio Nobre Fully refactored Briofita colorscheme with improved colors for many file types and programming languages.
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