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Freebasic vim syntax file : Freebasic syntax file.  Can be used since v5.7

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Mark Manning
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This is the freebasic syntax file I have provided since v5.7.  It handles all (as far as I know) of the freebasic commands.  If you find that there are some it does not cover - please do let me know at markem-at-sim1.us.
install details
You may have to modify the filetype.vim file.  If so, you should insert the following lines:

\" FreeBasic file (similar to QBasic)
au BufNewFile,BufRead *.fb,*.bi setf freebasic


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package script version date Vim version user release notes
freebasic.vim 7.0b 2019-09-10 7.0 Mark Manning Ok. Found the &B (binary) and &O (octal) were not there and then I found a problem. I had "\\." when it should have been "\\\\.". Fix this. Makes the code look a lot nicer. :-)
freebasic.vim v7.0 2015-02-23 7.0 Mark Manning Mark,

I understand you made the freebasic.vim file that ships with VIM (7.4
here), and also have the file on github.  I've made a number of changes
to the file to fix a lot of things that just weren't working such as
preprocessor directives (#ifdef, #define, etc).  Fixed up comment
handling a bit, and added multi-line comments (/' '/).  Changed a few
other classifications too to make the code highlight more like how code
is highlighted in other languages such as C, Python, etc.  User-defined
identifiers are not colored at all, which makes code a lot more
readable.  Numbers also were not being highlighted at all before; not
sure why but I fixed that.  There are still some broken things I
encounter once in a while, but overall the highlighting is much
improved. If you want to take a look and merge this into the official
VIM distribution, that'd be great for other users.

I borrowed some code from other syntax files that ship with VIM, such as
the HiLink macro, though I am not sure that was necessary.

freebasic.vim v5.7 2012-07-21 7.0 Mark Manning Initial upload
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