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Zenburn : Low contrast colour scheme for low light conditions

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created by
Jani Nurminen
script type
color scheme
This colour scheme is intended to be pleasant for the eyes when working in low-light conditions. The low contrast will reduce eyestrain.

If you like to work in a darkened room with a fullscreen Vim, this is for you! Even if you don't, try this one out :-)

There is now a higher-contrast mode (with darker background) which is enabled via ":let g:zenburn_high_Contrast=1" then ":colors zenburn". See the syntax file itself for further options.

Zenburn official site: http://slinky.imukuppi.org/zenburnpage/
Zenburn screenshot: http://slinky.imukuppi.org/zenburn/
install details
Copy the file to ~/.vim/colors and :colorscheme zenburn.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
zenburn.vba 2.21 2011-04-26 7.0 Jani Nurminen Vimball version of v2.21
zenburn.vim 2.21 2011-04-26 7.0 Jani Nurminen Folded, FoldColumn and TabLine color fixes by Pawel Piekarski.
zenburn.vba 2.19 2011-04-17 7.0 Jani Nurminen Vimball version
zenburn.vim 2.19 2011-04-17 7.0 Jani Nurminen Changes:
* Clayton Parker: LineNr bugfix, fix directory styles
* Christophe-Marie Duquesne: suggested support for ctags_highlighting by Al Budden (http://sites.google.com/site/abudden/contents/Vim-Scripts/ctags-highlighting). Experimental support is now in and will be enabled if you have the plugin. If you want to disable it manually, let g:zenburn_disable_ctags_highlighting_support = 1. More help is needed with the ctags_highlighting.
* New darker Visual is now the default. It doesn't stick out now and fits the overall colourscheme better, including with LineNr. Using the old-style Visual is still possible: let g:zenburn_old_Visual = 1.

As usual, please see the Zenburn.vim for more details!
zenburn.vba 2.16 2010-10-24 7.0 Jani Nurminen Vimball version of v2.16
zenburn.vim 2.16 2010-10-24 7.0 Jani Nurminen * The licensing is clarified: latest GPL applies. Thanks to Martin Langasek.
* Support for autocompletion of configuration parameters, thanks to Marcin Szamotulski.
* CursorColumn and CursorLine colour improvements. A new configuration parameter has been added for this, please see the Zenburn.vim file. Thanks to Andrew Wagner.
zenburn.vba v2.14 2010-10-13 7.0 Jani Nurminen Vimball version of v2.14
zenburn.vim 2.14 2010-10-13 7.0 Jani Nurminen CursorColumn guifg was unintentionally set, colourizing all columns with same foreground. Thanks to Drew.
zenburn.vba 2.13 2009-10-24 7.0 Jani Nurminen Vimball version of v2.13
zenburn.vim 2.13 2009-10-24 7.0 Jani Nurminen Terminal fixes (Ignore-group, NonText-group, Error-group)
UI fixes (Ignore-group, Error-group)
Fix for invisible NonText-group
zenburn.vim 2.5 2009-09-06 7.0 Jani Nurminen Toggleable colorize for Ignore-groups. Makes Vim help files look nicer.
zenburn.vim 2.4 2008-11-18 7.0 Jani Nurminen 256-color syntax fixes (Spellchecker, PMenu). Toggle for forcing dark background (Tim Smith).
zenburn.vim 2.3 2008-07-30 7.0 Jani Nurminen CursorLine fix for 256-color mode by Pablo Castellazzi
zenburn.vim 2.2 2008-07-10 7.0 Jani Nurminen Many fixes and enhancements.
zenburn.vim 1.15 2006-09-07 6.0 Jani Nurminen High/low contrast toggle, 256-color terminal support by Kurt Maier. Other minor coloring fixes.
zenburn.vim 1.13 2002-09-16 6.0 Jani Nurminen Some fixes: Duller colouring of Include (configurable). Wildmenu is now consistent with the overall colour scheme. More contrasted Visual (configurable), as proposed by the Cream people. Now there are also a couple configuration parameters (e.g. to use the old brighter orange with Include syntax group). Also, the script is now "officially" GPL ..it sort of always has been anyway without explicitly mentioning it :-).

Please look at inside the file for the configuration parameters.
zenburn.vim 1.11 2002-09-15 6.0 Jani Nurminen Some fixes and fine-tuning. Exceptions and Perl code now looks more consistent.
zenburn.vim 1.10 2002-09-14 6.0 Jani Nurminen Initial upload
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