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detailed : Show subtler color variations than those lazy palette-shifting schemes!

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created by
Ryan King
script type
color scheme

Source repo: http://github.com/rking/vim-detailed

So many 256-color schemes merely shift the palette around, displaying only 8
colors (even though they're a *different* set of 8 colors than default).

This scheme is more detailed than that.

Your eyes will learn to pick up on subtler patterns without requiring as
much from your conscious mind.  Instead of the goal being merely looking
cool, the goal is to maximize info bandwidth from the computer to the brain.
The regexes, for example, are much easier to pick out. The overall feel of a
given file becomes much more intuitively recognizeable (you'll know you're
in foo.rb, not bar.rb, without having to read any text). Certain bits will
"pop" into being the right colors, such as the difference between
"RUBY_VERISON" and "RUBY_VERSION", or # encoding: utf-8

// 256 Color Requirement

If you aren't getting 256 colors, you aren't getting detailed.vim.
Typically, you'll have to make sure your `$TERM` variable is set right. This
can get un-set by some programs, such as tmux. So you can force it to
something like:

    export TERM=screen-256color
    # or:
    export TERM=xterm-256color

If these are unavailable on the target system, you might have to place a
terminfo file in `~/.terminfo/`  -or- you can be totally gross and force it
with `:set &t_Co=256` in vim. But don't be gross. It's uncouth.

// Download

If using Pathogen,

     cd ~/.vim/bundle && git clone https://github.com/rking/vim-detailed

If using no vim plugin manager:

     mkdir -p ~/.vim/colors/ && cd $_ && wget https://raw.github.com/rking/vim-detailed/master/colors/detailed.vim

// Setup

In your ~/.vimrc (or ~/.vim/plugin/colorscheme.vim if you like to organize):

    colo detailed

This enables it globally. If you want to just do it for a trial, as long as
you have done one of the steps in the "Download" section, above, you can do:

    vim foo.rb +colo\ detailed

Or, from within vim:

    :colo detailed

// Language Support So Far

- Ruby: 113 details detailed.
- C: 12 details detailed.
- Go: 10 details detailed.
- Diff: 10 details detailed.
- Javascript: 4 details detailed.
- Vim: 4 details detailed.

# rking/vim-detailed open issues
  13  More troubleshooting help? 3
  11  Smart Here-docs 1
   9  Detail Python [actual-user-request] 4
   7  Handle t_Co != 256
   6  Pygments Companion
   3  Distinguish Foo and Bar of "class Foo < Bar"
install details
(See Download and Setup, above)

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
detailed.vim 0.8 2013-04-24 7.0 Ryan King Beginnings of JavaScript support
detailed.vim 0.7 2013-02-16 7.0 Ryan King Make visual selection green rather than light gray
Distinguish between ' " and ` in Ruby
detailed.vim 0.6 2012-12-12 7.0 Ryan King Golang support + toned down colorcolumn
detailed.vim 0.5 2012-11-27 7.0 Ryan King Beginning of support for languages other than Ruby + minor refinements for Ruby itself (e.g., uses mint for method bodies rather than lilac)
detailed.vim 0.4 2012-11-16 7.0 Ryan King Works in gvim now; forces black bg (for legibility); handful of minor updates.
detailed.vim 0.3 2012-11-05 7.0 Ryan King Lots of minor updates. Getting better!
detailed.vim 0.2 2012-10-29 7.0 Ryan King Un-introducing last-minute glitch introduction. ☹
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