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vim-autoformat : Autoformat your code

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Chiel 92
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Format your code with only one button press! This plugin makes use of external formatprograms to achieve the best result. Check the list of formatprograms to see which languages are supported by default. You can easily customize or add your own formatprogram.

For more info, go to the repository page https://github.com/Chiel92/vim-autoformat .
install details
Go to the repository page https://github.com/Chiel92/vim-autoformat .
That's where the code lives, and that's where you will find installing details.
That being said, I may upload a new README.md when there have been major changes, just to notify the visitors of vim.org.

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README.md 1.04 2013-03-27 7.0 Chiel 92 * The default behaviour of gq is enabled again by removing the fallback on auto-indenting.
Instead, the fallback is only used when running the command `:Autoformat`.

* For HTML,XML and XHTML, the option `textwidth` is taken into account when formatting.
This extends the way the formatting style will match your current vim settings.
README.md 1.03 2013-03-16 7.0 Chiel 92 User defined options, such as shiftwidth and expandtab are taken into account.
More specifically:
-    The options expandtab, shiftwidth, tabstop and softtabstop are not overwritten anymore.
-    This obsoletes g:autoformat_no_default_shiftwidth.
-    g:formatprg_args_expr_<filetype> is introduced, for dynamically defining formatprg arguments.

README.markdown 1.02 2013-03-10 7.0 Chiel 92 *    Customization of formatprograms can be done easily now, as explained above.
*    I set the default tabwidth to 4 for all formatprograms as well as for vim itself.
*    The default parameters for astyle have been slightly modified: it will wrap spaces around operators.
*    phpCB has been removed from the defaults, due to code-breaking behaviour.
*    XHTML default definition added
*    When no formatter is installed or defined, vim will now auto-indent the file instead. This uses the indentfile for that specific filetype.

README.markdown 1.01 2012-12-06 7.0 Chiel 92 some missing files added and php support added
README.markdown 1.0 2012-12-03 7.0 Chiel 92 Initial upload
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