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pythonhelper : Displays Python class, method or function the cursor is in on the status line

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Michal Vitecek
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Vim script to help moving around in larger Python source files. It displays current class, method or function the cursor is placed in in the status line for every python file. It's more clever than Yegappan Lakshmanan's taglist.vim because it takes into account indetation and comments to determine what tag the cursor is placed in and from version 0.80 doesn't need exuberant ctags utility.

Note: The script displays current tag on the status line only in NORMAL mode. This is because CursorHold event in VIM is fired up only in this mode. However if you'd like to know what tag you are in even in INSERT or VISUAL mode, contact me (email specified in the script) and I'll send you a patch that enables firing up CursorHold event in those modes as well.
install details
1. Make sure your Vim has python feature on (+python). If not, you will need to recompile it with --with-pythoninterp option to the configure script
2. Copy script pythonhelper.vim to the $HOME/.vim/plugin directory
3. Run Vim and open any python file.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
pythonhelper.vim 0.83 2010-01-04 7.0 Michal Vitecek Added support for the CursorHoldI event so that the class/method/function is recognized also in Insert mode.
pythonhelper.vim 0.82 2009-07-10 6.0 Michal Vitecek - fixed a bug when nested functions/classes were not properly detected
pythonhelper.vim 0.81 2003-03-13 6.0 Michal Vitecek - fixed a small bug in indent level recognition
pythonhelper.vim 0.80 2002-10-18 6.0 Michal Vitecek - removed the dependency on exuberant ctags which parsed the python source code wrongly anyways. From now on only VIM with python support is needed. This might greatly help windoze users.
pythonhelper.vim 0.72 2002-10-03 6.0 Michal Vitecek - fixed problem with parsing ctags output on python files that use tabs
- when there is a syntax error in the file and ctags parses it incorrectly a warning is displayed in the command line
pythonhelper.vim 0.71 2002-10-02 6.0 Michal Vitecek - fixed problem with undefined window-bound variable w:PHStatusLine when a window has been split into two.
- unbound event BufWinEnter because it's not needed because of the above change now
pythonhelper.vim 0.7 2002-10-02 6.0 Michal Vitecek Initial upload
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