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sh.vim : Indenting for Shell script

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created by
Clavelito Cla
script type
Indenting for Shell script.

No warranty Please try at your own risk.
Required: syntax enable.
If you do not want to indent case labels, set the next line.
let g:sh_indent_case_labels = 0
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package script version date Vim version user release notes
sh.vim 5.19 2019-10-16 7.4 Clavelito Cla fix: while-do and if-then
sh.vim 5.18 2019-10-09 7.4 Clavelito Cla fix: Some fixes for zsh
sh.vim 5.17 2019-09-27 7.4 Clavelito Cla fix: case label
sh.vim 5.16 2019-09-23 7.4 Clavelito Cla fix: Continuation line
sh.vim 5.15 2019-09-22 7.4 Clavelito Cla fix: Closing brace and continues line.
sh.vim 5.14 2019-09-21 7.4 Clavelito Cla fix: Closing brace, closing double paren and continues line.
sh.vim 5.13 2019-09-19 7.4 Clavelito Cla fix: Indented pipeline that continues with line breaks.
sh.vim 5.12 2019-08-31 7.4 Clavelito Cla fix: Quotes with line breaks included in the test statement. (again)
sh.vim 5.11 2019-08-30 7.4 Clavelito Cla fix: Quotes with line breaks included in the test statement.
sh.vim 5.10 2019-08-21 7.4 Clavelito Cla fix: Brace, paren and comment line.
sh.vim 5.9 2019-04-11 7.4 Clavelito Cla Fixed closing paren
sh.vim 5.8 2019-03-18 7.4 Clavelito Cla Fixed while-read
sh.vim 5.7 2019-03-11 7.4 Clavelito Cla Fixed here-doc
sh.vim 5.6 2018-09-01 7.4 Clavelito Cla Fixed about quotes
sh.vim 5.5 2018-08-29 7.4 Clavelito Cla Fixed double bracket with line break
sh.vim 5.4 2018-08-22 7.4 Clavelito Cla Fixed some minor bugs
sh.vim 5.3 2018-08-16 7.4 Clavelito Cla Bug fix for closing paren
sh.vim 5.2 2018-08-15 7.4 Clavelito Cla Fixed bug in control statement
sh.vim 5.1 2018-08-06 7.4 Clavelito Cla Bug fix for closing brace
sh.vim 5.0 2018-08-03 7.4 Clavelito Cla specification change
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