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LaTeX-Support : LaTeX IDE -- Insert commands, run the typesetter and BibTeX and look up help

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created by
Fritz Mehner
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LaTeX-IDE for Vim/gVim is written to considerably speed up typesetting a
document in a consistent style. This is done by inserting complete statements,
idioms, code snippets, templates, and comments. Compiling and viewing a
document, format conversion and running make can be done with a few keystrokes.

- insert complete but empty statements
- insert various types of comments
- insert often used code snippets
- change existing templates, add new templates
- read, write, and maintain your own code snippets in a separate directory
- show compilation errors in a quickfix window

Some screen shots :  https://wolfgangmehner.github.io/vim-plugins/latexsupport.html

For plug-in managers :  https://github.com/WolfgangMehner/latex-support

The help file online :  https://wolfgangmehner.github.io/vim-plugins/doc/latexsupport.html

The key mappings of this plug-in :  https://wolfgangmehner.github.io/vim-plugins/latexsupport/latex-hotkeys.pdf

This plug-in comes with a help file (latexsupport.txt). Read it with

    :help latexsupport


Editing actions differ for different modes! There are a lot of features which
can be configured or customized to match your needs.

install details
Copy the zip archive latex-support.zip to $HOME/.vim/ or $VIM/vimfiles
(on the Windows platforms) and run
    unzip latex-support.zip
If you have already an older version of this plug-in and you have modified the
template files you may want to save your templates first or copy the files from
the archive by hand. See also the file README.md within the zip file.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
latex-support.zip 1.2 2016-08-24 7.3 Fritz Mehner - Add 'g:Latex_CustomTemplateFile'.
- Add template personalization file and setup wizard.
- Change some templates.
- Add maps to bibtex buffers.
latex-support.zip 1.1.1 2014-08-22 7.0 Fritz Mehner - Added some new templates.
- Added 'Latex_SetMapLeader' and 'Latex_ResetMapLeader'.
- Bugfix: Resetting maplocalleader in filetype plug-in after setting it to the value of
- Bugfix: Better compatibility with custom mappings
  (use "normal!" and "noremap" consistently).
- Bugfix: Setup of local templates in case of global installation.
- Bugfix: Renamed function which were named "g:*".
- Always load the newest version of the template engine available on 'runtimepath'.
latex-support.zip 1.1 2014-01-17 7.0 Fritz Mehner - Beamer templates and snippets added.
- Template added.
- Integration of Make moved into the toolbox.
- New map \rc to start a converter.
- Bugfix: Setup of local templates in case of global installation.
- Bugfix: Map and menu entry 'Snippets->edit global templates'.
- Bugfix: Starting an external viewer now works under Windows.
- Minor bugfixes and improvements.
latex-support.zip 1.0 2013-01-22 7.0 Fritz Mehner Initial upload
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